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Why study health policy?

5 reasons you should study health policy at the University of Sydney
Health policy involves the decisions, actions and plans that are undertaken to achieve health goals within societies. It encompasses rules, regulations, practices and actions that shape behaviour, including the way in which healthcare and health promotion systems are designed and implemented.

Students of the Health Policy program at the University of Sydney learn in an interdisciplinary learning environment, directly from health policy researchers and practitioners from across public, private and academic fields, but that's not the only reason so many students choose the University of Sydney to study health policy.

Here are 5 reasons you should study health policy at the University of Sydney. 

1. Learn from industry experts at Australia’s top ranked Sydney School of Public Health

The Health Policy program at the University of Sydney is run by the Menzies Centre for Health Policy and Sydney School of Public Health, Australia’s leading school in public health ranked number 3 in Australia and 35 in the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities.

The program is industry-focused, allowing students to work closely with policy professionals in the private, public and non-government sectors to gain an understanding of roles in the health system and build professional networks.

The Health Policy program is designed and taught by experts in the field, including senior health policy academics and advisors at the Menzies Centre for Health Policy:

2. Choose how you study with flexible study options

Our health policy programs can be completed primarily online with some face-to-face components. The program is also available for part or full-time study, designed to suit busy professionals. 

3. Develop and improve your non-technical skills

As well as enhancing your understanding of health policy principles, you will also improve your non-technical skills. Our course has a focus on teaching the required skills to help problem solve, and negotiate effectively to make convincing arguments for health policy change.

4. Advance your existing career

Studying health policy allows you to advance your career at strategic and leadership levels in your chosen health or policy field. Our students graduate with theoretical and practical knowledge in health business, financing and budgeting. 

5. Gain a broader understanding of how to make and analyse health policy

We offer a broad study structure that is diverse and covers a wide range of topic areas. Health policy students learn key theories of policy process and can apply them to research and applied change in health. Our graduates also learn how to promote the importance of evidence based policy for a healthier future.

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17 May 2018

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