Leaving Singapore to study health in Sydney

11 July 2019
Students from Singapore share their wisdom on making the move

Sydney is a great place to live and study, but don’t take it from us. Hear what our Singaporean students have to say about their move to Australia to study health at the University of Sydney.

We have lots of course options

The Faculty of Medicine and Health has the largest range  of health degrees of any Australian university. With degrees available in pharmacy, nursing, medicine, health sciences, dentistry and allied health, there are so many opportunities available to you.

We have strong graduate outcomes

With healthcare jobs in constant demand, a degree in this area could set you up to work anywhere in the world.* You will be trained to think critically, be adaptable and globally aware - traits which will serve you well should you decide to venture further afield in your health career.

In 2018, Australian pharmacy, medicine, rehabilitation and dentistry undergraduates had the highest rates of full-time employment at 97.2 percent, 94.9 percent, 89.3 per cent and 86.8 percent respectively.

The University of Sydney is also ranked first in Australia and fifth in the world for graduate employability.

“It was easy for me to find a job after coming back to Singapore. I knew I wanted to start my career in a restructured hospital and there were a lot of opportunities around at that time as well.”

Melissa Ong, speech pathology alumni

“Having a degree from University of Sydney meant that it was recognised internationally. So I worked in Australia as well as the UK for a decade before moving back home to Singapore. It was easier than I expected and this was probably because I have learnt to be adaptable to changes and new environments. A trait developed as an international student!”

Dr Shamala Thilarajah, physiotherapy alumni

*Please note that to work in other countries you will need to meet the registration requirements applicable in those countries.

Aaron Ng, current pharmacy student

We have great support services

Making the move to a new country can be tough but at the University of Sydney, you will be supported. As well as studying alongside a diverse international cohort, you can also connect with friends from home via the Singapore Student society on campus. If you need more support we have a wide range of other services available and can provide plenty of hints and tips about settling into Sydney.

“In my course, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with people from various backgrounds, including both international and local students. While there may be language barriers at times, it's good practice as we will be facing these challenges out in the workforce.”

Adeline Tan, current pharmacy student

“The biggest challenge was having to live by myself for the first time. Having to adjust to a different culture took time as well. However, studying alongside other international students has invariably fostered a great sense of camaraderie between me and my peers – international and domestic. This greatly assisted me in my studies as pharmacy is not something you can learn on your own.”

Aaron Ng, current pharmacy student

The Susan Wakhil Health Building opening in 2021

We have world-class facilities

In 2021, we will launch our new health precinct at our Camperdown campus. The Susan Wakil Health Building will bring together multiple health disciplines to work out of the same precinct. You will study in a state-of-the art building purpose built with clinical simulation laboratories and multi-purpose clinics right in the heart of Sydney.

We’re located in the Asia Pacific region

Sydney isn’t that far away. It’s only 6,302 kilometres from Singapore or 8 hours by plane if we’re being precise.

“Australia is close to Singapore and made travelling back and forth easier for myself and family easier too.”

Melissa Ong, speech pathology alumni

“I chose to study in Australia because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself by moving and adapting to a new setting. I've found people to be very friendly in Australia and Sydney is so diverse culturally that I did not feel too far from home.”

Adeline Tan, current pharmacy student

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