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5 reasons to study pharmacy at Sydney

16th in the world for Pharmacy and Pharmacology in 2023 QS Subject Rankings
Highly ranked internationally for its teaching and research, the Sydney Pharmacy School is an excellent choice for students wanting to pursue a career in healthcare.

1. New combined degrees

Our new offerings for school leavers who want to study pharmacy combine bachelor's and master's programs, integrating the Pharmacy Board of Australia's intern training program and supervised practice requirements.

Which means: you can now gain a master's degree in the same amount of time it takes to complete a standalone undergraduate degree + professionally-required training programs, to practise pharmacy as soon as you graduate.*

The new degrees:

Learn more about our new combined Pharmacy degrees.

Successful students** in the new combined degree programs will also undertake an honours research project and will graduate with an honours degree. Learn more about the benefits of honours programs.

2. A business version of the course

The Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management (Honours) / Master of Pharmacy Practice is designed for students who aspire to run their own business, enter the pharmaceutical industry or work in business and government.

This six-year degree is the only course of its kind in Australasia, and gives students the opportunity to complete human resources, marketing, finance and management subjects.

If you want the knowledge and skills required to thrive in a competitive business setting, this is the degree for you.

3. Diverse career opportunities

Up to 85% of our graduates register as pharmacists*** and move into roles in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy or primary care pharmacy. Others pursue roles in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, business, or in medicine and dentistry with further study.

Pharmacy is also a fantastic foundational degree that helps graduates develop expertise in medicines, which can be used to great effect if you go on to complete a graduate entry degree in health.

A flow chart featuring various roles available to Pharmacy graduates.

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4. Clinical placement experience

To prepare you for the workforce, we offer a range of placements across hospitals, community pharmacies, within the pharmaceutical industry and at professional organisations.

Clinical placements are important to put theory into practice and occur in urban and rural settings. You will have an opportunity to complete at least six weeks of placement experience throughout your degree.

5. Supportive professional and social networks

As a Sydney pharmacy student, you'll be a part of a cohesive and supportive cohort.

With matching timetables as a result of our fixed curriculum, you'll share classes with the same student body for the entirety of your degree. This means you'll have a real opportunity to get to know your cohort, unlike other degrees with a variety of streams. 

As a result, you'll gain an in-built support network while studying and a professional network to call upon once you're working.

Sydney Pharmacy School is also home to the Sydney University Pharmacy Association (SUPA). One of the largest and most active societies on campus, you'll get access to regular academic, professional and social activities. SUPA members also gain membership to the National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association (NAPSA).

* After successful completion of the Pharmacy Board registration examination, which consists of a written examination and an oral examination; and meeting the requirements for general registration set out in the Board's registration standards.
** To be eligible to commence honours students must have a WAM ≥ 65 (credit). Learn more about the benefits of honours programs.
*** Sydney Pharmacy School Graduate Survey 2018


24 February 2022

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