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Dr Liang Voice Program

Improving the quality of life for people with voice disorders
We are a leading centre of excellence for research into laryngeal disorders in the Asia–Pacific region.

The Dr Liang Voice Program aims to improve outcomes for people affected by voice disorders. Our program supports research, education and clinical training in the field of laryngeal and voice conditions.

The program fosters important academic collaboration with adjacent hospitals, clinical schools, research and training facilities and health professionals.

Our approach

Without access to proper care and treatment, voice disorders can have a debilitating impact on quality of life. Our program aims to reduce the potential debilitating effects of voice disorders by leveraging our expertise in speech pathology and ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery to try to improve the future diagnosis, treatment and recovery of patients with laryngeal conditions.

We combine tools and emerging technologies from the speech pathology discipline and ENT surgery to educate laryngeal clinicians.

Program leadership

Our program draws on existing expertise at the University in the field of laryngology and voice rehabilitation, and is led by two internationally acclaimed voice clinicians:

Associate Professor Cate Madill is the Director of the Voice Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

She is focused on improving the effectiveness of voice treatment and training programs and researching optimal voice outcomes after early glottic cancer surgery.

Madill conducts experimental and applied clinical research into the mechanisms and processes that change the voice. Her research involves the use of high-speed larygoscopy, ultrasound, respiratory, electrophysiology and acoustic measurement and psychoacoustic evaluation. 

Associate Professor Daniel Novakovic is a senior clinical lecturer at the Northern Clincial School and an ear, nose and throat surgeon specialising in laryngology and head and neck surgery.

He is one of a few surgeons in Australia to have received formal fellowship training in the field of layngology from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Associate Professor Madill and Associate Professor Novakovic both work as clinicians in ongoing speech pathology treatment programs, surgical and speech pathology consultations.

Sydney International Laryngology Fellowship

The DLVP Clinical Laryngology Fellowship at the University of Sydney is available to qualified trainees in the specialty of laryngology, head and neck surgery, both locally and internationally. Overseas Fellows are welcome to apply.

The fellowship is a one-year program designed to prepare existing ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeons for a future subspecialty career in the fields of laryngology and laryngeal surgery. The program involves attachments with several laryngologists across a variety of clinical locations.

Clinical activities cover the breadth of laryngology with a focus on voice, swallowing and airway disorders as well as care of the professional voice. Funding is available via assist fees +/- a DLVP scholarship.

Candidates must be competent in the English language. Medical qualifications will be assessed by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS) and permission to practice will be reviewed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

This fellowship is open to applicants from both Australia and Overseas.

Expressions of interest for fellowships commencing in February 2025 are now open and will close on July 12th 2023.


Laryngology and care of the professional voice


One year funded clinical fellowship


Dr Liang Voice Program, Level 5 D18 - Susan Wakil Health Building, Western Ave, Level 2 main entrance, University of Sydney, NSW 2006

More information

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Dr Liang Voice Program

  • Level 5 D18 - Susan Wakil Health Building, Western Ave, Level 2 main entrance, Camperdown , NSW 2006