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We have achieved:

  • 250 publications
  • $30 million in grant funding
  • 16 current HDR students
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Westmead Applied Research Centre

Clinical and digital health approaches to cardiometabolic and chronic conditions
The Westmead Applied Research Centre (WARC) celebrates a research approach that thinks and acts flexibly, aims to do more with less, embraces technology in health care, sees co-design and partnership as necessities for translation and impact, and consistently views its activities through the lens of value and equity.

Almost half of Australians have chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, chronic pulmonary disease, diabetes and mental health conditions. One in four has at least two of these illnesses, and these conditions frequently share common causes.

In western Sydney these chronic illnesses are more prevalent and the region's diverse community presents a range of complex health needs and social circumstances.

The Westmead Applied Research Centre (WARC) was established by the University of Sydney in collaboration with the Western Sydney Local Health District, to specifically address the causes of chronic disease, with a focus on translational research that addresses the specific needs and circumstances of patients in western Sydney.

WARC is made up of multidisciplinary experts who aim to prevent chronic diseases and their progression by focusing on applied clinical research that will:

  • help patients self-manage their condition/s
  • provide education and support through digital health interventions.

Our aim is to create, evaluate and apply innovative clinical and digital health approaches to reduce the burden of cardiometabolic and other chronic conditions. Our core values are innovation, frugality, co-design and value-based care.

Our people

  • Professor Clara Chow, Academic Director (Annelise Barkhuizen, Executive Assistant to Director)
  • Doctor Marina Ali, Centre Manager
  • Caroline Wu, Research Administration Manager
  • Simone Marschner, Senior Biostatistician
  • Vishal Gopal, Clinical Trials Services manager 
  • Emma Charlston, Digital Health Project Manager
  • Dr Richard Bennett – PhD Candidate, supervised by Stuart Thomas & Saurabh Kumar
  • Timothy Campbell – MPhil Candidate, Supervised by Eddy Kizana & Saurabh Kumar
  • Rebecca Chen - PhD Candidate, supervised by Clara Chow, Heiko Spallek, Woosung Sohn & Michelle Irving
  • Dr Cellina Ching – MPhil Candidate, Supervised by Wah Cheung & Clara Chow
  • Dr Samia Kazi – MPhil Candidate, supervised by James Chong & Clara Chow
  • Simone Marschner – PhD Candidate, supervised by Clara Chow and Wah Cheung
  • Daniel McIntyre - PhD Candidate, supervised by Clara Chow & Aravinda Thiagalingam
  • Sonali Munot - PhD Candidate, supervised by Clara Chow & Julie Redfern
  • Dr Jia Yi Anna Ne - PhD Candidate, supervised by David Brieger & Clara Chow
  • Anushriya Pant - PhD Candidate, supervised by Sarah Zaman & Clara Chow
  • Dr Annika Smith – PhD Candidate, supervised by Pablo Fernandez-Penas & Clara Chow
  • Hyong Ly Tong - PhD Candidate, supervised by Liliana Laranjo & Clara Chow
  • Ritu Trivedi – PhD Candidate, supervised by Liliana Laranjo & Clara Chow
  • Amy von Huben - PhD Candidate, supervised by Kirsten Howard & Clara Chow
  • Dr Edwina Wing Lun - PhD Candidate, supervised by Clara Chow & Sarah Zaman
  • Dr Kam Wong - PhD Candidate, supervised by Clara Chow, Cindy Kok & Tim Usherwood

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