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WHO Collaborating Centre for Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity

Increasing the role of prevention
The World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity (CCPANO) aims to reduce non-communicable diseases through prevention.

About us

The World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity was established under the auspices of WHO's head office in Geneva to influence policy and public health work on chronic disease prevention globally.

In particular, the centre focuses on physical activity promotion, public health nutrition, obesity prevention and diabetes prevention, and will work in developed and developing countries, as chronic disease is prevalent in most countries across the globe.

The centre is a collaboration between the University of Sydney’s Boden Collaboration and the Prevention Research Collaboration.

Our research

  1. Technical support to surveillance and measurement work in the monitoring of NCD risk factors, with a special focus on physical activity surveillance, including monitoring and evaluating the reach and effective utilisation of DPAS components.
  2. Contribute to additional WHO policy-related work around physical activity, obesity and nutrition guidelines and recommendations; support settings-based work in NCD prevention; guidelines for diabetes prevention and care; obesity primary and secondary prevention; physical activity guidelines, policy and strategies.
  3. Evidence-based reviews underpinning recommendations, guidelines, risk factor prevalence comparisons, population-level interventions, and NCD prevention policy.
  4. Specific program of work around food marketing to children, food labelling, and translating research into practice around nutrition profiling, labelling and development of public health.



Our people

CCPANO Directors

Professor Adrian Bauman, Sesquicentenary Professor of Public Health
Professor Stephen Colagiuri, Professor of Metabolic Health

CCPANO Executive Group

Administration Officer

Cathie Kiernan
Phone: +61 2 8627 1849 

Our partners


Professor Adrian Bauman
Professor Adrian Bauman
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Professor Stephen Colagiuri
Professor Stephen Colagiuri
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