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clinical imaging

Sydney Clinical Imaging Network

Supporting Clinical Imaging research and education.

A collaborative, multidisciplinary community dedicated to advancing Clinical Imaging research, knowledge, education and innovation.

Sydney Clinical Imaging Network (SCIN) aims to promote research and education in the rapidly evolving, multidisciplinary field of Clinical Imaging. We are building a community to share knowledge and expertise, expand our capabilities, and facilitate effective clinical translation and improved healthcare practice.

SCIN facilitates collaborations and fosters partnerships across the University and its affiliated Local Health Districts. Our network includes members from many University-affiliated institutes and hospitals, as well as industry partners and professional associations.

SCIN activities include events and forums to showcase our research and exchange ideas as well as networking opportunities and communications to encourage engagement and collaboration including for early and mid-career researchers (EMCR).

What is Clinical Imaging?

We define Clinical Imaging as the use of non-invasive imaging in humans for diagnosis, risk-stratification, monitoring therapeutic efficacy, or gleaning mechanistic insight. This includes all organs, imaging modalities, and processes of normal biology and disease, and associated image acquisition physics/technologies, image reconstruction, post-processing, and image analysis, as well as the development, use, and physiology of contrast agents/tracers.

SCIN membership

Membership of the Sydney Clinical Imaging Network will be opened early in 2022.

Membership will be free and open to researchers and employees of the University of Sydney and affiliated centres, institutes and hospitals, as well as partners in professional organisations, industry and private providers, government and community.


Prof Martin Ugander

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