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Health professions education research network
We're an inclusive community of educators and researchers committed to undertaking quality health professions education research and scholarship that contributes to an evidence-based approach to improving our learning environments.

About us

Waranara is aimed at advancing the skills of our healthcare educators and researchers by fostering interdisciplinary discussions and understanding of the cultures in which we learn, teach and practise.

Drawing on social science disciplinary knowledge and through ongoing engagement and collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members and University colleagues, the purpose of Waranara is to develop a high-class global community for health professions education research, learning, and support.

Our objective

To undertake quality health professions education research that contributes to an evidence-based approach to improving our learning environments.

Our values

Striving to foster a strong sense of belonging and cultural safety for all to flourish; valuing all perspectives in the knowledge that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; endeavouring to undertake work that is not just done to our community of stakeholders, or done on them, but achieved with them via co-design.

Opening up possibilities to promote cross-pollination of ideas and concepts for research and education innovation; striving to empower our community of stakeholders to share educational and research experiences and ideas; being courageous to take a risk, learning from our endeavours whatever the outcomes.

Open to the contribution that all members of our community make, which will facilitate our collective success; respecting personal values across our community of stakeholders; facilitating leadership and learning opportunities, providing opportunities for growth across our community.

Ensuring our work is known as excellent in its integrity and ethical principles; a culture of honesty and trust provides the basis of our ethical working practices; fostering our ethical approach reflexively through role modelling best practice, respectfully raising concerns where necessary.

PhD opportunities

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Our people


Image credit: Ngara - Education and Research
‘Yanhambabirra Burambabirra Yalbailinya (Come, Share and Learn)' 2020 by Luke Penrith for the One Sydney Many People Strategy.


Professor Lynn Monrouxe