Our Special Interest Groups

Effective activity groups that signify who we are
Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) enhance collaboration, equality, inclusion and diminish the feeling of isolation. Activities arising within SIGs focus on internal requirements but are also developed as a way of disseminating ideas and knowledge globally.

Preparedness for practice

We focus on preparation - for and during placements, and workforce transitioning.

We bring together a community of practice – inclusive of clinicians, academics, students and community – to share, generate and progress the evidence base in preparing healthcare students for professional practice.

Leadership team: Amani Bell, Jeff Kim, Gillian Nisbet, Carl Schneider, Andrew Bartlett, Jennie Brentnall

Partnership and Professionalism

Providing a space for innovation, creativity inspiration and motivation.

We seek to develop a greater appreciation and recognition of the role of partnership and professionalism within individuals and society. We seek to do this in a way that builds on the strength of diversity and prioritises equity.

Leadership team: Mark Arnold, Jacqueline Bloomfield, Annette Burgess, Jacky Chriss, Celine Diaz, Stuart Lane, Tu Nguyen

Innovative curriculum design and development

We focus on innovation - doing things differently to achieve better outcomes.

We stimulate discussion, building productive partnerships to progress the field of curriculum design and development. We support research and scholarship, foster interdisciplinary collaboration and challenge existing practices for innovation and educational impact.

Leadership team: Anna Janssen, Jacqueline Raymond, Wui-Kwang Wong, Jodie Bailie

Cross-cutting themes

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander priorities in education research

To facilitate culturally safe health professions education research

We aim to ensure that Waranara Special Interest Groups are supported in identifying where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander priorities exist in health professions education research and work to provide respectful and healing solutions.

Leadership team: Lynn Monrouxe, Maaeda Amerjee, Renee Chuang, Sarah Jasem, Thuvarahan Jegathees, Jo Gwynn

Technology Enhanced Learning priorities in education research

Taking a broad perspective, from simple to complex applications, we aim to develop a strong network that builds the capacity and expertise of its membership to enhance learning.

We promote translational research responsive to workforce needs, while embracing scalable technology-enhanced learning solutions in genuinely innovative and effective ways.

Leadership team: Liz Devonshire, Astrid Frotjold, Shwetha Hegde, Lailaturrahmi, Shailendra Sawleshwarkar, Philip Poronnik, Martin Brown

Ngara - Education and Research
‘Yanhambabirra Burambabirra Yalbailinya (Come, Share and Learn)' 2020 by Luke Penrith for the One Sydney Many People Strategy.