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Honours in medicine and health

Become a part of the future of health
An opportunity for you to extend your study and explore your research potential.

Why study honours? 

Honours year in medicine and heath is an additional year of study (or in some courses up to 18 months) available to you after you complete your undergraduate course.

Wherever your career takes you, an honours degree will serve as an invaluable foundation and asset.

  1. It will provide you with in-depth knowledge of a particular field and allow you to make your own meaningful contribution to it.
  2. You will develop desirable skills in critical thinking, time management and communication. 
  3. An honours degree can also launch a fulfilling career in research and academia and is a common pathway to a PhD.

At the Faculty of Medicine and Health, you'll be part of an internationally renowned research community and work alongside researchers who are constantly breaking ground in medicine and health.

By contributing to our research, you can help make a difference to millions of lives.

Available honours degrees

Health sciences

Two honours programs are available in health sciences.

The integrated program is an 18 month program that runs alongside the pass program in the last three semesters of your four year degree. Integrated honours are available in:

  • Diagnostic radiography
  • Exercise physiology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech pathology

Students will receive an invitation to express their interest during the second semester of their second year.

Honours is also available as an appended program. This involves an additional year of study after you complete the Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) or the Bachelor of Health Sciences. Apply directly through the relevant course page.  

Entry into honours is competitive and based on students' past academic performance.

For information about our honours programs contact the Health Sciences honours administrator.


The Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) is an additional year of study that you complete after you have finished your undergraduate degree.

Applications are open to students who the school considers to have the requisite knowledge and aptitude to undertake the course.

Applicants are expected to have either completed Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Sydney or hold an equivalent qualification from another institution.

For general enquiries contact Dr Sarah Kourouche, Honours Coordinator (


The Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management both have integrated/embedded honours programs.

This means that the undergraduate degree can be awarded at the Pass or Honours level.

Meritous students can complete honours study in the final semesters of their undergraduate degree, and it will not increase the overall time taken to complete their studies. 

Take a look at the honours projects (pdf, 3.41MB) that were undertaken by pharmacy students in 2022.

Medical sciences

Honours in medical sciences is undertaken either within a specific discipline, or externally in any associated research institute or clinical school.

Your project is hosted by the Faculty of Science but led by either the Sydney Medical School or the School of Medical Sciences.

Learn more about honours in medical sciences and disciplines available.

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