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5 reasons to study honours in medical sciences at Westmead

Explore your interests while gaining a competitive edge

Whether you’re looking to open the door to higher degree research or enhance your career prospects, a one-year Applied Medical Science honours degree at Westmead could be the perfect choice for you. Here are 5 reasons why:

5 reasons to study honours at the University of Sydney, Westmead

1. Work on real world problems

Westmead scientists and researchers work in close collaboration with clinicians, providing unparalleled opportunities for students to move their research discoveries from the laboratory into clinical practice.

With hundreds of research projects to choose from, there is a chance for candidates of the Westmead honours program to conduct research that has a meaningful impact on the health of our community.

The honours program at Westmead is really exciting because it allows science-based students to become integrated into projects that connect a basic laboratory research component with real-life clinical problems.
Dr Dinny Graham, Westmead Institute Breast Cancer Research Group

2. Work with exciting medical research teams

As a Westmead honours student, you’ll be supervised by leading research scientists, many of who are internationally renowned leaders in their field. Collaborate with experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, with the shared goal of solving real-world problems.

Major Westmead research specialties include cancer, infectious diseases, immunology, genetics, physiology, obesity and diabetes, neuroscience and dentistry.

3. Join an amazing community

As the largest health precinct in NSW, Westmead is home to more than 2000 students, including hundreds of PhD and honours candidates. Be part of a large and diverse student community and make lasting connections with monthly get togethers organised by the honours social committee.

4. Go on to do a PhD

Honours at Westmead can be a pathway to undertaking a PhD, with many students using it as a chance to explore their interests before they commit to a master’s or PhD program.

With three major medical research institutes, three large-scale University of Sydney teaching hospitals and the largest pathology service in NSW, the Westmead campus gives students the best opportunity to expand their expertise and fast track their further studies.

There were so many opportunities to talk to experts about their experiences in research and seek guidance about where you can go with your research career.
Gurtej Singh, Westmead honours graduate 2018

5. Get a great job

A Westmead honours degree will enhance your undergraduate qualification and can give you a competitive edge. Take advantage of the opportunity to network with researchers and clinicians, expand your knowledge and skills and show future employers you’re prepared to go the extra mile.

1 August 2018