13 November 2013

How the echidna lost its venom

The spur on the hind leg of echidnas was once venomous, based on new research at the University of Sydney.
01 October 2013

Do not resuscitate: the benefits of an early decision

Providing information about do-not-resuscitate instructions to terminally ill patients leads to fewer of them dying in a hospital environment, a University of Sydney study has found.
27 September 2013

Participation in the arts aids students in the classroom and life

Research by the University of Sydney and the Australian Council for the Arts shows involvement in the arts has wide-ranging benefits for young people not just in the classroom, but also in life.
17 September 2013

Workers dissatisfied with open plan offices

Most people are dissatisfied with having to work in an open plan office, University of Sydney research has found.
24 July 2013

Study finds introduced mosquito species active all year round

Australia has plenty of 'home grown' mosquitoes but one introduced species is active all year round, according to a three-year study by University of Sydney researchers.
07 May 2013

Ancient Greek, modern scholars

While Ancient Greek may "never be as popular as Psychology 101", a generous bequest will advance the study of languages, literature, philosophy and civilisation.

23 April 2013

Flu shots boosted by exercise

Exercising at the time of having a flu shot may increase the success of vaccination according to a University of Sydney researcher.
09 April 2013

Are people really staring at you?

People often think that other people are staring at them even when they aren't - research led by the University of Sydney has found.
05 April 2013

Racing start for two-year-old thoroughbreds not detrimental

The Golden Slipper, the most lucrative horse race for two-year-old thoroughbreds in the world, goes ahead despite ongoing criticism of horses being raced at this young age.
07 March 2013

Waging war on diabetes

A scientist researching the genetics of type 2 diabetes and a published author and children's advocate are linked by a common goal - supporting inspirational research.