16 November 2015

Industry scouts for digital disrupters at graduate show

A growing number of leading Australian companies are supporting the University of Sydney’s annual Design Lab graduate show to find and nurture the brightest emerging talent for the new era of digital disruption.

14 November 2015

Gift empowers research linking oral health and chronic diseases

A $3.6 million donation to the University of Sydney has been the stimulus for a bold plan to establish a $20 million world-class research centre spearheading research, policy, advocacy and education initiatives to prevent and reduce chronic diseases caused by poor oral health.

14 November 2015

University of Sydney fundraising campaign reaches $600 million target two years early

INSPIRED – the campaign to support the University of Sydney has reached its goal of $600 million, two years ahead of schedule. 

13 November 2015

Eight challenges for the G20 Leaders' Summit

Experts from across the University of Sydney weigh in on the most pressing issues facing the G20 Leaders' Summit to be held in Antalya, Turkey, on 15-16 November.
13 November 2015

Unis join forces on mental health, addiction and neuroscience research

The University of Sydney and UNSW Australia have announced an historic medical research partnership to help tackle two of the biggest challenges of our time – mental illness and addiction.

13 November 2015

Dog blood bank opens to meet demand

The Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital has established a canine blood bank to meet demand for life-saving transfusions. With availability affected by the closure of a substantial blood bank at the University of Melbourne, the need to establish a local program became a priority.

13 November 2015

New director for the China Studies Centre

The University of Sydney has appointed Professor Jeffrey Riegel as the interim director of the China Studies Centre.

13 November 2015

Brain cancer experts crowdsource a cure for deadly glioblastoma

Leading clinicians and researchers are plotting to disrupt a deadly brain cancer.

12 November 2015

Big Tobacco: 'Of all the concerns, there is one - taxation - which alarms us the most'

Despite popular cynicism, tax increases are instrumental in reducing smoking rates, argues Professor Simon Chapman.

12 November 2015

We will find a way to predict the spread of disease

Software 'agents' modelled on real-life individuals will be used by University of Sydney researchers to develop high-precision computer models that can predict where or when an epidemic may strike.