24 November 2015

Steve Vucic wins Gottschalk Medal at Australian Academy of Science awards

Neurologist Dr Steve Vucic has been awarded the Gottschalk Medal at 2016 Australian Academy of Science awards for his pioneering research revealing processes that can trigger the motor neurone disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

23 November 2015

Exploring new frontiers in time and materiality

Scholars from the humanities and social sciences will share multidisciplinary ideas at the Australian Academy of Humanities' 46th Annual Symposium, hosted by the University of Sydney.

23 November 2015

Sharing the real stories of people with disability

She doesn't like being called 'an inspiration', but it's hard not to be impressed by the determination of Jo Ragen who has been nominated as a finalist in the 2015 National Disability Awards.

20 November 2015

An honorary fellow

Professor Archie Johnston has been recognised for his leadership in engineering with the highest membership ranking bestowed by Engineers Australia's National Council.

20 November 2015

Koala genome reveals its secrets

A groundbreaking study of the koala genome has revealed koalas are genetically diverse, indicating declining populations are the result of human-related activity rather than mating with kin. The work across a number of organisations also questioned the current recognition of the existence of three sub-species in southern and northern Australia, finding there was little evidence that there were different species.

20 November 2015

School water program to brighten smiles in remote NSW

A new pilot project aimed at improving the oral health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in three remote NSW communities is set to launch in February 2016, led by the University of Sydney's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health.

20 November 2015

Study heats up debate about electric fans

A study by the University of Sydney reveals electric fans can help prevent heat-related illness during heatwaves, contrary to public health authorities' claims that fans are dangerous when the mercury rises above 35 degrees Celsius.

20 November 2015

'Rat vision' may give humans best sight of all

Humans have the best visual capacity because our full stereo vision combines with primitive visual pathways to spot danger quickly, a study led by the University of Sydney has found.

20 November 2015

Paris attacks: France and the world should answer terror with liberty

Australia is following France's lead in rushing to assume the need for new laws. But cooler heads should prevail until we know more, writes Ben Saul.

20 November 2015

The mystery of Macbeth's macabre opening scene

Dr Huw Griffiths from the Department of English offers insight into the witchcraft and superstitions of Shakespeare's times.