18 of our most exciting scientists on Twitter

14 August 2015

It's National Science Week this week from 15-23 August and for all you science lovers, we have created a list of the University of Sydney's most exciting scientists on Twitter.

Science and mathematics

Adam Spencer

Ambassador for mathematics and science at the University of Sydney, comedian and ex-broadcaster

Professor Nalini Joshi

A champion of mathematics and passionate advocate for increasing the number of women studying mathematics

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Popular science communicator on radio and television who is Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney

Associate Professor Alex Holcombe

Studying visual cognition. Improving scientific practices

Associate Professor Matthew Todd

Organic chemistry, open source methods to discover new medicines

Scott Griffiths

Investigating male eating disorders, muscle dysmorphia, steroid use, and stigmatisation


Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn

Astrophysicist, cosmologist, mathematician and Director of the Sydney Institute for Astronomy

Professor Geraint Lewis

Cosmologist, Galactic archaeologist

Vanessa Moss

CAASTRO-physicist/astronomer with an interest in all things galactic, currently chasing the shadows of absorbing gas-guzzler galaxies

Luke Barnes

Astronomer and cosmologist

Animals, insects and the environment

Associate Professor Robyn Alders

Interests include food and nutrition security, sustainable agriculture in Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia. Seeking optimal diets that are both ethical and sustainable

Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli

Ecologist who studies insects, spiders, urban ecology and natural history

Dr Anne Fawcett

Companion animal veterinarian with a passion for promoting the welfare of companion animals. Blogs at

Lizzy Lowe

PhD student studying the diversity and behaviour of urban spiders

Emily Remnant

Honeybee geneticist

Professor Glenda Wardle

An ecologist researching desert environments

Aaron Greenville

Ecologist, wildlife and astro-photographer interested in desert ecology and species interactions

Nathan Odgers

Soils researcher

Sally Sitou

International Media Adviser
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