NHMRC funding recognises University of Sydney's research excellence

9 November 2015

This outstanding result includes funding of more than $7 million for three NHMRC centres of research excellence dedicated to the early prevention of obesity in childhood, protecting the public from emerging infectious diseases and creating a more sustainable healthcare system, with a focus on cardiovascular disease and cancer. 

In the announcement made today by the federal government the University achieved 102 funding awards from $630 million given nationally to 2000 researchers.

“This is an excellent outcome for the University that builds on our strengths and affirms the relevance and value of our research and the quality of our collaborations across the health and medical spectrum. This research has the potential to save or improve the lives of countless individuals,” said Professor Duncan Ivison, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

“The grants include nine for career development fellowships, the highest number awarded. They include research on bioinformatics to treat complex diseases, regenerative neuroscience strategies for healthy brain ageing and dementia, and the development of low-cost, low-radiation screening to prevent cardiovascular disease.”

The funding has secured 11 early career fellowships in areas as diverse as improving the early detection of bipolar disorder in individuals seeking treatment for depression, investigating the causes and prevention of cerebral palsy, and optimising value and equity in access to prescribed medicines.

More than $6 million will fund eight research fellowships investigating:

  • innovations in cancer imaging and targeted radiotherapy to improve human health
  • how developmental genomics and embryology can improve our understanding of birth defects and rare genetic disorders
  • advancing the treatment of sleep disorders including sleep apnoea and insomnia

“These results, along with our emerging University strategic plan, give us a strong basis upon which to build and do even better in the future,” Professor Ivison said. 

Verity Leatherdale

Manager, Faculty Media and PR
  • Level 7 Jane Foss Russell Building G02