Crowdfunding campaign launched for Animals in Need

15 December 2015

A new crowdfunding initiative from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Veterinary Sciences is seeking to raise $5000 for vulnerable animals in need of veterinary care.

Every year, the University of Sydney's Veterinary Teaching Hospitals in Camperdown and Camden see hundreds of animals who require quality veterinary care but have no one who can pay for their treatment, including abandoned or stray dogs, animals belonging to homeless people or the elderly, and injured wildlife.

While the Faculty of Veterinary Science established the Animals in Need Fund in 2012, funding limitations meant they were only able to come to the aid of one animal a fortnight.

Now the Animals in Need fund is appealing to the public for donations through crowdfunding, joining with the University of Sydney's recently launched crowdfunding platform.

It's also been a chance for them to raise awareness of their critical work in helping vulnerable animals thanks to their adorable new mascot and video starlet, Brooklyn.

The young British Bulldog had a series of problems related to her urethra and uterus, requiring four operations, which she received with assistance from the Animals in Need Fund.

Now Brooklyn is on the mend, she has made a video to show off the University's teaching hospitals and inspire donations.

The Sydney Crowdfunding platform launched last month and raised almost $13,000 to support Aboriginal students through the NSW Freedom Rides Scholarship Fund.

This was almost double the fund's original goal of $7000.

University of Sydney Director of Advancement Rosalind Ogilvie said she hoped the Animals in Need Fund would experience similar success.

"Our target is to raise $5000 which means the Animals in Need Fund can assist in funding roughly one case a week, but we'd love to be able to do more," Ms Ogilvie said.

"Without support from this fund, many animals would go without the vital care they need to survive and lead happy, healthy lives."

Further crowd funding campaigns are already in the pipeline for 2016 and will allow academics from across the University to talk about their research goals and appeal directly to the public to make their research hopes a reality.

To donate to the Animals in Need Fund or check out our new crowdfunding platform, go to