Australian study wants your view on personal genomic testing

23 August 2016

Do you want to know about your genetic information? Would you share it?

A new international collaborative study known as Genioz (Genomics: National Insights of Australians), is seeking participants to complete an online survey about their views on new genetic technologies that provide access to their own genetic information for ancestry, health and sporting ability.

Results of the survey will inform future programs, resources and policies to help Australians make informed decisions about their use of personal genomic technologies.

Personal genomics tests can be bought online by anybody, and all that is needed is a saliva sample to be mailed to a testing lab.

“Faster and cheaper methods of sequencing DNA has led to an explosion in the number of companies selling personal genomic tests,” said project co-investigator Ainsley Newson, Associate Professor of bioethics at University of Sydney.

While we know these tests are out there, we know little about what Australians think of them and whether they plan to use them. Also, there isn’t that much information available to help people decide whether testing is for them.

“We are looking at how best to support people when they are making choices about these tests.”

Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in the survey.

Complete the online survey here.

Genioz (Genomics: National Insights of Australians), is a collaboration University of Sydney, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Garvin Institute of Medical Research, Walter and Eliza Institute of Medical Research, University of Melbourne, Sanger Institute and University of Ottawa.

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