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Science student makes greatest self-discovery at the University

25 August 2016

'Leave your comfort zone' is Kevin Gatdula’s motto in life. With an emphasis on continual personal development, the 20-year-old Bachelor of Commerce and Science student believes that this is the only way to cultivate a journey of personal growth.

“I grew the most when I left my comfort zone. I went on exchange for two months [at UCLA in the United States] and that’s when I had to do my own shopping for the first time. I also had to look after myself and learn how to use a washing machine.”

Kevin was inspired to come to the University of Sydney after going to a talk by Doctor Karl [Kruszelnicki] at Open Day in 2012.

“He’s just so spirited and super engaging. He vocalises all your thoughts and follows this stream of consciousness that joins the dots in your head. It made me think that if Dr Karl’s the kind of teacher who teaches here on campus, then I hope the rest of the uni is just like this.”

The mix in the architecture – of old meets new – was another drawcard for Kevin when making his choice of where to study.

“The ‘new’ is all the really brilliant research we do here, and the old is sticking to your roots. Remembering that you’re at uni and that it’s still a cool place to hang out and make friends,” Kevin says.

On that note, making a solid group of friends is something Kevin has been lucky to achieve at the University. “Clubs and societies were really important for that. When I first started uni, one of the clubs I joined was the Commerce Revue.

“I joined the Photography Society too as Treasurer and hopefully I’ll run for President soon. I also started or ‘resurrected’ my own club with a group of friends called the Sydney Consulting Club.”

When he’s not fulfilling one of his many clubs and society member duties, Kevin works part time in an admin role for clubs and societies and as a student ambassador for the University.

And in March this year Kevin was lucky to gain an internship at L.E.K. Consulting, a global strategy consulting firm with offices across Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific. “I work 10 hours a week there. It’s my first corporate job and I really like it.”

“I was in the right place at the right time.” I was lucky to find out about the opportunity through the University’s Internship and Careers Fair evening earlier this year.”

Kevin said it’s about standing out as he recalls how he built rapport with his now manager at L.E.K. “I told him his merchandise could be better! He agreed, and we got chatting from there.

“Try to say something that’s memorable” Kevin says.

“A joke, something insightful. Be memorable because they are going to meet thousands of people at these events.”