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Talking buildings our hitech future

18 October 2016

A building should not just be a place where you live or work first year Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) student Jerry (Linhao) Li told the Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation scholarship judging panel.

A building should be an intelligent structure that helps improve the quality of your life - one that you can talk to or communicate with via its virtual assistant(s).

The 19-year-old, an international student from China’s northern city of Harbin, says:

“Imagine this - before you get home, the virtual assistant can turn on a smart light, background music, adjust the room temperature and send you a message reminding you that there is no milk in the refrigerator.”

Jerry’s futurist structure is also solar powered; with energy saving capacity and supported by To boost free, citywide wi-fi networks.

“The building can also think, learn and estimate what you are going to do, like preheat water before your coffee time.” Li suggests.

Jerry is a finalist in the University’s annual Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholarship selection, which this year asked candidates to develop a concept for how they would turn Sydney into a first-tier city.

The scholarship was established by Lendlease to support undergraduate students studying the development of cities, and includes students from the disciplines of urban development, urban planning and design, project finance, project and facilities management, and engineering at the University of Sydney.

The 2016 recipient of the scholarship will be announced tomorrow evening at the Bradfield Oration.


Victoria Hollick

Media and Public Relations Adviser
  • Level 5 School of Information Technologies Building J12