Wingara Mura Leadership Program announces new opportunities

3 November 2016

The University of Sydney has this week announced five new professional positions for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders as part of our ongoing and inspiring recruitment initiative, the Wingara Mura Leadership Program.

Woman at a computer.

The Leadership Program is an initiative under the University’s Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu Strategy. The Program supports the Strategy’s vision of employing more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff at the University. It aims to provide career opportunities for outstanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, employing participants in any number of professional areas who will also undertake part time study for their master’s degree in a directly related course.

While employed at the University participants will receive additional targeted, development opportunities designed to enhance their professional careers, such as personalised career planning and mentoring.

The Program provides fabulous career opportunities that could see participants take up future roles within Industry, government and community or remain in the higher education sector.

Participants are offered employment for a minimum period of five years.

Find out more about the Wingara Mura Leadership Program and current professional positions available.

Expressions of Interest close 16 November.