10 Sydney Ideas podcasts to get you through the summer break

14 December 2016

We've got your podcast needs covered this holiday break, with a selection of highlights picked out by the Sydney Ideas team.

It’s been another great year for Sydney Ideas with more than 20,000 people attending our program as we marked 10 years of Sydney Ideas.

To celebrate the unique content we shared with you this year - with speakers and ideas you won’t hear anywhere else - we've created a 2016 highlights playlist of what we think were the most challenging, intriguing and provocative talks and forums for the year.

From mindfulness to Donald Trump, and tax havens to the cosmos, Sydney Ideas has more than enough content to get you through the summer break. 

If you want to find out more about what exciting and intriguing topics we've got planned for 2017, head to Sydney Ideas. We'll see you next year!

2016 Highlights Playlist

Can mindfulness save the world?

Everything you wanted to know about mental health and the practice of mindfulness, including some critical discussion of its application in the workplace.
Listen here.

Linda Tirado on Trump and poverty

If you want to know who voted for Donald Trump, listen to US journalist Linda Tirado’s honest and sensitive insight into life, jobs and identity in regional USA.
Listen here.

Indonesia’s first female stand-up comedian

In conversation with The Chaser's Julian Morrow, Sakdiyah Ma’ruf thoughtfully challenges many pre-conceptions about being a young female Muslim in Indonesia today.
Listen here.

Photography and power

When it comes to art history, this lecture is as fascinating as it gets. US scholar Shawn Michelle Smith discusses the recognised power of early photography to influence, fashion and shape identity.
Listen here.

Male champions of change?

Australian of Year David Morrison joins a robust and frank debate with students and academics exploring the pros and cons of the gender equity program Male Champions of Change.
Listen here.

Tax havens: what can be done?

After the Panama Papers release, find out more about the creation of tax havens after the Second World War, and the small group of powerful men who designed them.
Listen here.

Satan Repentant

Novelist and essayist David Malouf shares his reflections on poetry, Milton and Satan in a generous conversation with young local poet, Michael Aiken.
Listen here.

A finely tuned cosmos

An astrophysicist and a philosopher explore the creation of our universe through cosmic history. What makes it unique and why are there no others?
Listen here.

Bruce Schneier

A US security technologist challenges us to think differently about the Internet of Things, and calls for technologists to be involved in public policy to secure the use of technology for good.
Listen here.

East West Street

International lawyer Philippe Sands shares his remarkable personal journey searching for the men who coined the terms ‘genocide’ and ‘crimes against humanity’ after the Second World War.
Listen here.