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University has high retention rates new report shows

18 January 2017

The University of Sydney has the highest student completion rate in NSW over a nine year period and second highest nationally over a six year period, a new report shows. 

The federal Department of Education is releasing the report on completion rates today coinciding with the national notification of the first round of offers for university places.

According to the report 66.7 percent of Australian students who enrolled in 2009 completed their courses within six years.

Analysis of the report in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian showed that:

  • for students starting University in 2006 and completing in 2014 the University of Sydney had the highest completion rate in NSW with 88 percent receiving their degrees. Over that nine year period only 73.5 percent of students nationally had completed their course
  • nationally over the six year period (2009 to 14) the University of Melbourne had the best completion rate (88 percent) followed by the University of Sydney (81.9 percent) and the Australian National University (81 percent)
  • part-time and mature age students were the least likely to finish their studies
  • about 20 percent of students pursuing external study left in their first year, compared with about seven percent for those studying on campus.

Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Sydney, Dr Michael Spence said the University works hard to support students and it was proud of its strong retention rates.

Last year the University launched a new website featuring the full range of ATAR cutoffs for all courses to help prospective students make an informed decision about their study options.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham urged students to "know exactly what they're signing up for" and consider all the options before making a commitment to an institution. 



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