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Eye-popping art comes to Laneway Sydney

27 January 2017

For the third year running, Sydney College of the Arts students and graduates will participate in a contemporary art exhibition for the Sydney leg of the 2017 St Jerome Laneway Festival on Saturday 4 February.

Artwork Midnight/Alright 2015, by Kate Scardifield.

Kate Scardifield, Midnight/Alright 2015, Appliqué and collage elements on board. Photo: Brett East. Courtesy the artist and ALASKA Projects. Private collection Sydney/London.

Nice One Picasso features twenty up-and-coming artists who will create new and remixed artwork to complement the hallucinatory sounds of the popular one-day music festival.

SCA gallery manager, artist and curator of Nice One Picasso Liam Garstang said: “The artists, chosen for their diverse and multi-disciplinary art making, are a mix of emerging and established talent who are forging interesting practices both nationally and internationally. Nice One Picasso is tailor-made for Laneway Sydney.”

Painting, sculptures, sound and video installations, and artist performances will pop up across the Festival grounds and in the Laneway ‘PIP’ (Pretty Important People) Bar in SCA Galleries.

The outdoor exhibition in Callan Park will feature work by Eugene Choi, Adrian De Giorgio, Chris Dolman, Francesca Heinz, Hana Hoogedeure and Luke O'Donnell, Robin Hungerford, Clare Milledge, Ben Terakes and the curator, Liam Garstang.

Abstract human figures, large peering eyeballs, and a life-size horse poised in the recovery position will be set amongst a fluorescent, geometric sculpture, a tower of textile flags and banners, and a live performance of ‘life hacks’ using everyday objects. 

A second exhibition in the ‘PIP’ Bar displays work by Vicky Browne, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Chris Fox, Harley Ives, Biljana Jancic, Richard Kean, Jonny Niesche, Kate Scardifield, Kai Wasikowski, and Justene Williams.

The artworks include a still life bouquet of flowers that is turned into a moving image, a 2D abstract painting installation that deceptively plays with colour and light, and an immersive installation of multiple record players that become the motor for a forest of sound chimes.

Cofounder of St Jerome's Laneway Festival Danny Rogers said: “Laneway is not just about music. It is about creating a one-of-a-kind cultural event that gives a voice to young emerging artists across the arts.”

Following the one day festival, the outdoor works will be moved into SCA Galleries for a three day exhibition from 9 to 11 February 2017.