University of Sydney top of the class in health and medicine

8 March 2017

The University of Sydney's medicine, anatomy and sports-related disciplines have been ranked number one in Australia and inside the top 20 worldwide.

The University of Sydney continues to uphold its stellar reputation for quality education after ranking first in Australia for medicine, anatomy & physiology and sports-related disciplines in the 2017 QS Subject Rankings announced today.

All three subjects were also ranked inside the top 20 worldwide.

Sports-related disciplines were ranked 1st globally, with 2017 also being the first time this subject was assessed by QS Subject Rankings system.

Medicine improved its 2016 global ranking by two places, jumping from 17th to 15th position.

Anatomy and physiology was ranked 10th globally in 2017, this being the first time anatomy was assessed by QS Subject Rankings system.

Nursing at the University of Sydney also had a strong result in 2017, being ranked second in Australia and jumping four places from 13th to ninth worldwide.

Sydney Medical School Dean, Professor Arthur Conigrave, commended the excellence of staff who had achieved these rankings and thanked them for their dedication.

“Our inclusive and diverse academic teams of researchers, teachers and clinicians have brought together a unique depth and breadth of expertise in research and education,” said Professor Conigrave.

“Our rankings in anatomy & physiology and in medicine highlight the importance of our commitment to research-led education, and reflect the effort that we have put into innovative teaching to achieve the best student outcomes.” 

Sydney Nursing School Dean, Professor Donna Waters said the 2017 QS ranking results further confirmed the university as a world leader across multiple research fields.

“The University of Sydney conducts research of both local and international importance. Our outstanding contributions to knowledge in health and health care position the university among the world’s very best educational and research institutions,” said Professor Waters.

“It is an honour and privilege to be ranked so highly by our national and international colleagues and I thank the staff and students for their continued dedication and hard work.”

Faculty of Health Sciences Dean, Professor Kathryn Refshauge said the rankings reflect all aspects of the faculty.

"The QS rankings are a particularly rich ranking system because it takes into account all aspects of our work: education, research and employability of our graduates. These rankings reflect performance across the whole faculty, from professional staff to academics to students," said Professor Refshauge.

"We are enormously proud to have been recognised in this way by our peers in academia and employers of our graduates." 

Aside from ranking first in Australia for medicine, anatomy and sports-related disciplines the University of Sydney had 34 subjects ranked in the top 50 globally.