Vets to the rescue

10 April 2017
Treating pets in a pop-up clinic

Imagine losing your best friend because you could not afford their medical treatment

Many disadvantaged people face this heartbreaking situation when their beloved pets are injured, like the owner of Jemma.

Jemma is an American staffie and an important part of her owner’s life. Last year Jemma was attacked by a pack of stray dogs, causing life-threatening injuries.

If the puncture wounds had become infected, Jemma could have died and her owner would have lost his best friend.  

Final-year veterinary students treating a patient

Final-year veterinary students treating a patient.


Most people would have taken their pet straight to the vet but Jemma’s owner didn’t have that option. Luckily they could visit the free HopeStreet pop-up vet clinic that operates once a month in Woolloomooloo.

Run in partnership with Baptist Care and the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sydney, the clinic is staffed by our veterinarians, veterinary nurses and University of Sydney vet students who give their time to help these vulnerable animals.

Canine patients visit the HopeStreet clinic

Canine patients visit the HopeStreet clinic


In addition to the time generously provided by its volunteers, the clinic also relies on donations. An average visit to the vet can cost upwards of $175 for a single patient.

In 2016, the clinic raised $12,500 from more than 130 donors, allowing it to help 20 animals every month and bring hope to their owners.

Demand for services is growing and every donation means the clinic can provide more treatments, check-ups and vaccines for pets in need.  


Sheena, a mastiff cross, has been treated for arthritis and weight loss.

Meet some other grateful patients


Sheena is an elderly mastiff cross. She has the clinical signs of arthritis and is also overweight. Through the HopeStreet clinic, she has received medication and is on a weight loss diet to help alleviate her joint pain.  

Ms Piggy

Ms Piggy is a five-year-old shih tzu with dental disease, including rotten teeth. With the help of the HopeStreet clinic she has had four teeth extracted and her remaining teeth cleaned

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