Science alumna receives graduate medal

28 April 2017

Recent psychology graduate Philippa Specker was awarded the Convocation Medal at the University’s Alumni Awards for 2017.

Psychology graduate Philippa Specker. Photo: Jayne Ion

The Convocation Medal honours bachelor’s degree graduates who have shown strong leadership and enriched the diverse life of the University of Sydney.

Graduating earlier this year with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Philippa says that her research was driven by a desire to combine social psychology with social justice.

“Understanding the psychological impact of sexism and how this relates to the broader operation of gender inequality is both personally and politically relevant,” she says.

Throughout her academic career, Philippa was a participant in the Faculty of Science’s Talented Student Program (now known as the Dalyell Scholars program) and was elected to a range of extracurricular positions, including a two-year term on the Science Faculty Board in 2015 and an appointment to the University’s Academic Board in 2016.

Time spent pursuing your passion is never time wasted
Philippa Specker

Demonstrating her community spirit, Philippa also served as a welfare officer on the Students’ Representative Council. A tireless advocate for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, refugees, and the LGBTIQ community, she was awarded the Helen Beh Citizenship award in 2015, and achieved first class honours the following year. Philippa has also been involved in a number of events including the Sydney Science Forum public lecture series.

“The University gave me membership to a diverse community of people who fostered my academic and personal growth,” Philippa says. “And University-run outreach programs provided me with avenues to meaningfully contribute to the wider community."

While at times challenging, her experience at the University was hugely rewarding. “Time spent pursuing your passion is never time wasted,” Philippa said.

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