Our new science courses

4 August 2017

From 2018, science study options will be better than ever before, with new majors and greater graduate outcomes.

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies

Studying the sciences or mathematics has always enabled students to innovate, make discoveries and tackle the biggest issues the world faces today and into the future. And from 2018, as part of the university’s new undergraduate experience, the opportunities will be even greater.

With the introduction of the combined degree Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, a new focus has been placed on disciplinary depth and cross-disciplinary problem‑solving for real‑world industry, community and research challenges.

Students will not only graduate with two degrees after just four years of study, but also gain the skills and experience to open an almost limitless range of employment opportunities. 

The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies will also be available in ‘streamed’ versions to cater to students interested in pursuing a specific career. Streams can be undertaken in the areas of AgricultureAnimal and Veterinary BioscienceFood & AgribusinessHealthMedical Science, and for high achievers, we offer Dalyell and Advanced streams which provide opportunities to further complete advanced coursework and research throughout the whole degree.

Increasing the flexibility for students to really pursue subjects outside a single specialty will be very valuable.
Alice Zhou, Science/Law student

Students in the combined course will also complete a second major either from within science or from one of the many options in a shared pool of majors.

Another key feature of the new undergraduate experience is the completion of real world projects via internship opportunities. Some students have already had the chance to work to analyse global investment opportunities, develop knowledge of food provenance and brew and sell their very own beer.

Students will also undertake new Open Learning Environment (OLE) units of study in areas such as communication and innovation, go on to build their expertise with advanced coursework or research in their fourth year.

As industry increasingly seeks graduates who possess broad set of skills and experience, the new courses aim to make sure that every student is given opportunities to gain expertise, undertake cross-disciplinary learning and graduate with the very best set of skills for their future.

The original Bachelor of Science course will still be available, but without some of the additional opportunities available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies. The table below gives a snapshot of how the courses compare:

Degree Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science and
Bachelor of Advanced Studies
Duration 3 years 4 years
Major Yes Yes: Double major
Minor (or optional second major) Yes  
Open Learning Environment  Yes Yes
Electives Yes Yes
Exchange (available) Yes Yes
Advanced coursework   Yes
Substantial project   Yes
Honours (available)   Yes

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