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$2.3 million to support industry partnerships for 21 projects

6 November 2017

Twenty-one projects have been awarded funding under the University's industry and community engagement seed fund.

Researchers at the University of Sydney have been granted $2.3 million to partner with industry on projects ranging from 3D printing of the human heart and developing new drugs for osteoarthritis to creating affordable energy solutions for low-income households.

The 21 projects funded under the University’s industry and community engagement seed fund have received more than $507,000 in funding (with an additional $779,000 in-kind) from the University and $165,000 (with an additional $851,000 in-kind) from 27 public and industry partners.

Now in its second year, the seed fund assists researchers to build relationships and concepts with partners before applying for an ARC Linkage Project grantARC Industrial Transformation Research Program grantCooperative Research Centre Project grant or another research collaboration agreement with industry.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Duncan Ivison said it is part of the University’s 2016­–20 Strategic Plan commitment to increasing its engagement with industry and community partners.

Successful applicants and their projects:

  • Associate Professor Will Figueira – Faculty of Science
    Marine cloud brightening technology development
  • Dr Nicholas Williamson – Faculty of Engineering and IT
    Algal bloom prediction model for lowland rivers
  • Dr Jim Manos – Sydney Medical School
    A novel method to disrupt biofilms and eradicate the microbes on medical devices and skin surfaces
  • Dr Rhonda Orr – Faculty of Health Sciences
    Multimodal active rehabilitation for optimal recovery following concussion in junior rugby league players
  • Dr Luke Hespanhol – School of Architecture, Design and Planning
    Digital bridges: Extending urban infrastructure with interactive technologies for community engagement and digital place-making
  • Professor Simon Jackman – United States Studies Centre
    Cooperative Australian election survey
  • Associate Professor Jun Huang – Faculty of Engineering and IT
    Produce food additives from waste bone
  • Dr Ollie Jay – Faculty of Health Sciences
    Avoiding heat-related illness in Western Sydney
  • Dr Sally Gainsbury – Faculty of Science
    Risky gambling and customer wellbeing: The role of financial institutions
  • Professor Christopher Little – Sydney Medical School
    Disease modifying therapies for osteoarthritis
  • Professor Paul McGreevy – Faculty of Science
    Device for canine scent detection training and performance testing
  • Associate Professor Lynne Chester – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    Affordable energy solutions for low-income households
  • Professor Deborah Black – Faculty of Health Sciences
    Sustainable solutions for productive ageing for baby boomers
  • Dr Carmine Gentile – Sydney Medical School
    3D bioprinting of the human heart using patient-derived cells
  • Dr Peter Valtchev – Faculty of Engineering and IT
    Inland greenhouse farming of Caulerpa lentillifera
  • Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski – Faculty of Pharmacy
    Safety of nanoparticles and their impact on health and environment. How safe is safe?
  • Associate Professor Kalina Yacef – Faculty of Engineering and IT
    Connecting e-technologies in a child-centric app that will transform preventive health education
  • Dr Micah Goldwater – Faculty of Science
    Organisational eco-maps: Mapping innovation
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Rowley – Conservatorium of Music
    Promoting positive adolescent identity: discovering 'self' through sharing culture, art and narrative in portfolios
  • Dr Valentina Mella – Faculty of Science
    Gunnedah koala water supplementation study
  • Dr Victoria Cole – Faculty of Science
    Enhancing biodiversity in urban estuaries with oyster restoration.

Photo: Flickr (cc).