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Funding fosters strategic relationships

8 December 2017

Two University of Sydney Science academics have gained funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC) as part of the Linkage Funding Scheme for projects investigating cane toads and stain-resistant paint. 

Professor Richard Shine and Associate Professor Brian Hawkett have both been awarded more than $650,000 each by the ARC to create strategic research alliances with government and industry to combat real-world issues.

The Linkage Funding Scheme seeks to broaden Australia’s innovation network and create prompt solutions to issues facing the economy and communities within it by offering multi-year funding to deserving projects.

Professor Rick Shine, a reptile specialist, will continue his on-going investigations into the impact of cane toads on southern Australia. ARC funding will allow Rick and his collaborative team to investigate control mechanisms to improve biodiversity conservation. This is increasingly important given research has typically only focused on the impact of cane toads in tropical Queensland.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Brain Hawkett and Associate Professor Chiara Neto will work with Dr Timothy Davey and Chris Such from the Dulux Group to analyse polymer micro-capsules in the hope of developing a stain-resistant paint.

This research project funding will likely create a wide-spread solution for the building industry while having a hugely positively impact on the environment. Likewise, the development of a more durable paint made from renewable components would improve Australia’s reputation for cutting-edge technology.

These grants form part of a larger spend by the ARC of $6.9 million across a total of 16 new research projects.

Linkage project proposals can be submitted at any time to the ARC’s Research Management Team. Find out more

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