Discussions with the Ramsay Centre: VC letter to NTEU

28 June 2018
Academic freedom and autonomy are non-negotiable: Vice-Chancellor
In response to a letter from the NTEU, the Vice-Chancellor reaffirms key facts about the University's discussions with the Ramsay Centre, including non-negotiable matters such as academic freedom and autonomy.

Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence this week wrote to the Branch President of the NTEU in response to correspondence expressing the concerns of union members about the Ramsay process.

The letter reflects the University’s consistent position on discussions with Ramsay.

"While I have addressed many of the issues raised in this letter in a variety of open fora including at the Academic Board and on Q&A on the ABC, I welcome the opportunity to once again put on the record some important facts about our discussions with the Ramsay Centre," the Vice-Chancellor writes.

"It is important to note that at this stage, we are talking to the Ramsay Centre about what our terms of engagement with them might be. This includes non-negotiable matters such as academic freedom and autonomy. If we are unable to reach agreement on these matters, we will not proceed with further negotiations."