How can future urban development ensure our lived experiences?

9 August 2019
The Lendlease Bradfield Scholarship was established in recognition of John Bradfield, celebrated engineer and Sydney University alumnus whose vision drove two of Sydney's most transformative projects: the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the underground railway.
Dr Michael Spence with finalists

Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence AC with last year's finalists.

Now In its fifth year, the Lendlease Bradfield Scholarship challenges University of Sydney students to explore how global cities like Sydney can evolve to ensure lived experiences are front and centre in future urban developments.

Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws first year student Kavya Nagpal was last year’s recipient of the Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholarship for her visionary ideas to overcome the obstacles facing Sydney’s future as a global city.

Kavya’s winning idea was based on a people-centric vision where Sydney’s living spaces would serve to build relationships. The concept involved ‘micropolises’ – or urban villages – of residential high-rises, vertical farms and commercial and public-services buildings that incorporated innovative modern design solutions to create a sense of community.

In awarding the scholarship to Kavya, Lendlease Chief Executive Officer of Property Australia Kylie Rampa said Kavya had developed an “approach requiring us to rethink our relationship to the built environment.”

On receiving the scholarship Kavya said, “When I first applied for the scholarship, I didn’t gauge the depth and extent of the opportunity that it represented.”

Having won the scholarship, I can confidently say that it has been the highlight of my university experience.
Kavya Nagpal, recipient of the Bradfield Scholarship 2018

Finalists are required to present their concepts to distinguished industry leaders – a panel made up of representatives from Lendlease, The Daily Telegraph and academics from the University.

Kavya explained that the key for her was to be well-prepared and that having fully-developed ideas made answering questions easier.

As the winner Kavya was awarded a three-month summer internship with Lendlease based at their head office in Barangaroo which provided her with invaluable industry experience.

“Every week I get to learn the creative, social, legal and economic synergies that are employed in creating a place that is truly liveable and sustainable. I get to witness what it takes to give materiality to crazy, raw ideas – what more could I have asked for!”

2018 Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholarship finalists

“While observation and learning form a key part of my work, I am also given the opportunity to share my unique insights and question underlying assumptions. 

“Nevertheless, the most valuable part has been the mentorship relationships that I have been able to form. I’m lucky to work beside people who have become positive role models in my life.” Kavya said.

For Kavya, the internship has resulted in a paid position with Lendlease providing her with an incredible opportunity while still undertaking her studies.

Interested in becoming the next Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholar?

The Scholarship is open to first and second year undergraduate University of Sydney students from the Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesFaculty of Engineering and Information TechnologiesUniversity of Sydney Business School and School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Students must be studying a discipline related to urbanism, such as urban development, urban planning, urban design, project finance, project/facilities management or engineering.

The value of the scholarship is $10,000 per annum, for the duration of the Scholar’s degree.

Applications for the 2019 Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholarship are now open.

About the Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholarship

The scholarship was generously donated by Lendlease and established in honour of John Bradfield, who designed Sydney's most transformative pieces of infrastructure, the underground electric railway and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to unite the northern and southern shores of our city.

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