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15 January 2020

Davy Jones' locker opened: how metals stay on top of the seafloor

Understanding how deep-ocean metals remain uncovered on the open sea floor could help geoscientists provide advice to the mining industry.
15 January 2020

Business School achieves 'triple crown' with AMBA accreditation

The University of Sydney Business School has cemented its place among the world's leading providers of business education with accreditation from AMBA, a leading authority on postgraduate management studies.
14 January 2020

What will shape our world in 2020?

In 2020, unrest in Hong Kong, political turbulence in Australia, and spats over social media will continue to dominate the news. Meanwhile, the gaming industry, significantly larger than the film and music industries, might experience travails and triumphs.
14 January 2020

University launches crowdfunding campaign for bushfire-affected animals

The University of Sydney is asking the public to support our emergency veterinary assistance for animals affected by the bushfires.
14 January 2020

Preparing for the hydrogen economy

University of Sydney materials engineers have found evidence of how hydrogen causes embrittlement of steels.
08 January 2020

Australia can expect far more fire catastrophes

Professor Dale Dominey-Howes says a proper disaster plan is worth the money. The scale of the current fire crisis is like nothing before, and our national response must be like nothing that has come before.
08 January 2020

More than one billion animals killed in Australian bushfires

Professor Chris Dickman has revised his estimate of the number of animals killed in bushfires in NSW to more than 800 million animals, with a national impact of more than one billion animals.
08 January 2020

Black Saturday firefighters want you to listen, not call them 'heroes'

In commemorating firefighters as heroes, we can fall into the danger of overstating their ability to control fires, absolving ourselves of responsibility, write Professor Leanne Cutcher and Dr Graham Dwyer.
07 January 2020

Bushfire support: Vice-Chancellor writes to all staff and students

Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence today wrote to all staff and students, reassuring the community that the University will provide support as we work through the consequences of the bushfire season.
07 January 2020

Cybersecurity trends in 2020

What will 2020 have in store for cybersecurity? Tighter regulation, increasingly sophisticated attacks on key infrastructure and AI-driven cyber warfare, according to Dr Suranga Seneviratne from the School of Computer Science.