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07 October 2020

Do Twitter bots spread vaccine misinformation? It's not that simple

The key to dealing with misinformation is to refocus research and attention to communities, not bots, writes Associate Professor Adam Dunn.
07 October 2020

Sea lions of Kangaroo Island under threat

The Australian sea lion is one of the rarest sea lion species in the world, and though they are protected and mostly live in isolated locations, their numbers are falling. Dr Rachael Gray and her team are trying to find out why.
06 October 2020

Research backs home-based program for people living with dementia

With alternatives to residential aged care in high demand, a new program focused on supporting people with dementia and their carers to live well at home is showing significant societal and economic benefits in Australia.
06 October 2020

'No jab, no pay' raises catch-up vaccination rates

The national 'No Jab No Pay' policy has seen an increase in catch-up vaccination rates, with some of the biggest changes in the lowest socio-economic status areas and for Indigenous Australians, finds new research led by Sydney researchers.
02 October 2020

Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Scholarships

Yasmin Smith and Kalanjay Dhir have been awarded the 2020 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Scholarships by the Sydney College of the Arts. These scholarships are awarded to an emerging and a mid-career/established artist who are graduates of the SCA.
02 October 2020

Influence of bots on spreading vaccine information not as big as you think

The role of bots in spreading vaccine-critical information on Twitter is limited, and rarely cross paths with active Twitter users, finds study led by University of Sydney.
02 October 2020

University wins $2.5m in federal funding for solar energy research

The John Hooke Chair of Nanoscience in the School of Physics will lead multi-institutional research into extending the lifetime of perovskite solar energy cells, in an effort to make them truly cost-effective.
01 October 2020

Why we should celebrate Australia's universities

University of Sydney Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson AC today delivered a speech to the 2020 Australian Financial Review Higher Education Summit arguing the Australian higher education system is one of the best in the world.
01 October 2020

Building hospitals and hope for African women with obstetric fistula

Most Australians have never heard of obstetric fistula. Yet in other places, it is a source of terrible suffering and shame for many thousands of women every year. 2020 Alumni Award winner Dr Andrew Browning AM (MBBS '95) is helping those women reclaim their lives.

01 October 2020

"Green" cement pour yields concrete results

University of Sydney researchers successfully create environmentally friendly, carbon dioxide-loaded cement using waste and industrial by-products.