Statement regarding advertisements on Sydney CareerHub

13 October 2020
Today the University of Sydney issued a statement regarding an advertisement lodged by the Hong Kong Police Force, currently listed on our jobs database for students.

Sydney CareerHub is a jobs database that allows our students to search for advertised and unadvertised work opportunities including casual jobs, internships and graduate roles.

The hub caters for all our students who may be seeking work – those currently in Australia and also our international students who may be returning home after graduation to pursue their careers.

If we receive a complaint about any advertisements on the hub, our Careers Centre’s standard process is to remove the ad from public view while further investigation is undertaken, and for advice to be sought if required.

In this case, an advertisement originally published on 28 September was briefly hidden yesterday following receipt of a complaint.

The advertisement is again live on our hub. As with all ads on the hub, it is accompanied by a disclaimer. This disclaimer makes clear we do not vouch for the accuracy of the information provided or endorse the organisation that has submitted the ad; students are also advised to verify any information provided for themselves.