For love of country

23 April 2021
Reflecting on ANZAC Day from a different perspective

As we pause to honour those who are serving and who have served this ANZAC Day, it's also a time to reflect on what serving for this country means for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

ANZAC Day, 25 April, is an important day for all Australians. It’s a day for remembering the sacrifice and contribution made by those who have defended our country throughout history, and today.

Among those are Indigenous men and women, who despite the injustices they had endured, served side-by-side with non-Indigenous soldiers, forming friendships and risking their lives for love of country. 

Today, we reflect on the meaning of ANZAC Day for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and how we can continue to honour those who have served and recognise the sacrifices made by them.

Lisa Jackson-Pulver, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services) reflects on ANZAC Day and her own personal experience within the Royal Australian Air Force.

Uncle Harry Allie shares his life story in the Royal Australian Air Force, becoming the inaugural Air Force Elder, and becoming a ‘Hero of the Sky’.

Pastor Ray Minniecon shares the history of the Coloured Diggers March and what ANZAC Day means for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service men and women.

Going out and sharing stories with others about the relevance and the importance of ANZAC day - what it is to serve country and put yourself in harm’s way, willingly, out of the greatest love of all – love of country."
Professor Jackson-Pulver

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