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University of Sydney secures four prestigious ARC Linkage Grants

15 November 2023
$1.7m for research-industry collaborations
The University of Sydney has secured funding to kick-start four new projects with industry and government partners, including the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Australian Department of Primary Industries.

The University was awarded $1.7m in Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grants, underscoring its position at the forefront of transformative research, driving innovation and positive societal change. 

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Emma Johnston said the University, evidenced through its 2032 Strategy, is committed to partnering with industry, community, and government to design evidence-based policies and leverage our expertise to solve real world problems.  

“Congratulations to our academics who have been awarded funding to work with partners on critical issues spanning human rights to sustainable aquaculture.  

 “These partnerships underscore our dedication to translating research into tangible solutions that positively impact communities in Australia and beyond."

ARC Linkage projects

  • The impact of immigration detention: Dr Michelle Peterie, from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, will lead on a $197,000 project with the Australian Human Rights Commission to delve into the long-term impacts of immigration detention on individuals who experienced it as children. The project will develop recommendations for improved policy and practice, with a high-impact radio documentary planned to raise public awareness.
  • Improving online shopping experiences: Dr Wei Bao, from the Faculty of Engineering, will partner with Link Group on a $394,000 project aiming to enhance the quality of real-time video systems for smart shopping applications. Combining artificial intelligence and network solutions, the research addresses user experience issues caused by network delays and bandwidth constraints. Fundamental principles and an all-in-one platform will be developed, benefitting all shopping businesses and their customers in Australia.
  • Sustainable managementAssociate Professor Will Figueira, from the Faculty of Science, will spearhead a $685,000 project with the Australian Department of Primary Industries to quantify the impact of large-scale infrastructure on fish connectivity and populations in modified coastal seascapes. The project aims to develop integrated modeling approaches to predict the effects of habitat modifications. The outcomes of this research will contribute to long-term planning and sustainable management practices.
  • Device to detect contaminated food: Professor Fariba Dehghani, from the Faculty of Engineering, will lead a $490,000 project that focuses on creating a miniaturised and cost-effective electrochemical biosensor device for the rapid detection of multiple pathogens in food and water. Working with Ha Tech Pty Ltd, the biosensor device is expected to play a pivotal role in monitoring the safety and quality of food and water resources, with applications extending to pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing, and farm product quality control.

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