Bachelor of Advanced Studies information

16 February 2024
Graduates of the University of Sydney's Bachelor of Advanced Studies degrees may have their degree certificate reissued to reflect their learning outcomes more clearly.

We have become aware of a potential administrative issue regarding our Bachelor of Advanced Studies degree.

The Advanced Studies degrees provide students the opportunity to undertake advanced coursework and engage in an industry, community or honours-level project, preparing them for professional life or a higher degree by research.

We are currently reviewing previously issued Bachelor of Advanced Studies degree certificates and considering whether they clearly reflect the full learning outcomes our students achieve.

We expect this may bring about some changes to the layout and wording of the Bachelor of Advanced Studies degree certificates and we may need to take administrative action to have the certificates reissued.

There are no changes to the current enrolment, study selections and timetables of enrolled Bachelor of Advanced Studies students.

Students enrolled in other degrees are not affected in any way and we will be working closely with the regulatory authority, TEQSA, on this issue.

The vast majority of our students and alumni are unaffected and this does not impact the high-quality learning outcomes achieved by all our students.

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