Celebrating the volunteers who make our programs possible

20 May 2024
The 2024 National Volunteer Week theme is ‘Something for Everybody’
From mentorship to citizen science, our volunteers donate their time and expertise across a huge range of University of Sydney programs to help us build a stronger community.

This National Volunteer Week, we’re celebrating our talented University of Sydney volunteer community who generously donate their time to support others. Taking place from 20-26 May 2024, this National Volunteer Week is themed ‘Something for Everyone’ in recognition of the diverse passions and talents volunteers bring to their role, and the role their unique experiences play in transforming the world and enriching their communities. 

A huge array of University of Sydney programs benefit from the diverse skills and experience of our volunteers. From expert insights at graduation speeches, to supporting students through mentoring, to acting as citizen scientists to help safeguard our environment – there is an opportunity suited to all interests. 

Volunteering doesn’t just benefit the University – it’s also a great opportunity for our volunteers to build their networks, connect with like-minded individuals, develop their leadership and communication skills and make a difference in communities that are important to them. 

Below are some of the great programs supported by our volunteers, and some of the stories behind them. 


University of Sydney volunteers power a range of mentoring programs to support students and early-career alumni in gaining the real-world knowledge and leadership skills they will need to make a smooth transition to the workforce.

Henia Colinard sipping coffee

Meet Henia Colinard, an E12 mentor

She feels that volunteering, especially through mentoring, is the best way to contribute to her community and to help others cultivate their careers.
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Alumni Council

Our Alumni Council has represented University of Sydney graduates for more than 80 years, made up of volunteers committed to engaging and strengthening our alumni community. The Council includes a support network of more than 30 alumni-led associations representing faculties, regions, special interest and international groups.

Alumni Council group photo

Introducing our newest Alumni Council members

In 2024 the Council welcomed three new members. We talked to them about leadership and the value of education.
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Citizen Scientists

Citizen science turns volunteers into collaborators in research with the aim to increase scientific knowledge. Invertebrates Australia and entomologist, Associate Professor Tanya Latty from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences engaged citizen science volunteers in their Christmas beetle project. The project was a huge success with over 4000 volunteers putting their hand up to spot the beetles.

Check out the contributions of our citizen scientists

Our vounteers recorded 6,592 Christmas beetle sightings and observed 34 Christmas beetle species.
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Associate Professor Tanya Latty


Class reunions are always popular on campus – they’re a great way for alumni to reconnect with each other and the University. Did you know that some of our most exciting reunions are organised by volunteers who are keen to catch up with their friends and peers? Whether in-person or online, we can help support you in hosting a memorable event.

Dr Bill Woods

Meet Dr Bill Woods (MBBS, '50)

Last year Dr Bill Woods helped organise a reunion with his peers following his 102nd birthday. We spoke to him about his century of life experience.
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Thanks again to the wonderful volunteers who make our programs possible. If you are interested in more information about volunteering, you can find out more here.

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