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Sydney renews partnership with University of Glasgow

14 June 2024
Universities sign Memorandum of Understanding
Sydney and Glasgow universities have reaffirmed their relationship with a new research agreement and the conferral of an Honorary Doctorate.
A photo of Professor Kathy Belov and Rachel Sandison, sitting on a lounge signing the new agreement.

Professor Kathy Belov, Sydney Deputy-Vice-Chancellor (Global Research & Engagement), and Rachel Sandison, Glasgow Deputy Vice Chancellor (External Engagement) signing the new agreement in Glasgow.

The University of Glasgow and the University of Sydney have strengthened their ongoing relationship by signing a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Glasgow to renew and reaffirm their collaborations across research and education.

The MOU was signed on Monday 10 June in Glasgow by Professor Kathy Belov, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global & Research Engagement) at the University of Sydney, and Rachel Sandison, Deputy Vice Chancellor (External Engagement) at the University of Glasgow.

Under the agreement, the two institutions will explore how they can continue to cooperate to address pressing issues in Australia, Scotland, and across the globe. The renewed MOU reflects the strength of academic exchange and research collaborations across the breadth of disciplines at the two universities.

“The University of Glasgow’s tagline is that they are a University FOR the world and that their research is world – changing. I love that sentiment and I think that the University of Sydney has the same vision and values. Over the past six years we have invested joint funding to seed some outstanding research collaborations," said Professor Belov.

“It’s great to reaffirm this relationship and to focus our collaborative efforts to tackle some of the most wicked challenges of our time including health inequalities and planetary health. Together we will continue to produce research that will make a difference in Australia, Scotland, and around the world.”

One of the strongest collaborations has brought together the Charles Perkins Centre and the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences at Glasgow to work on projects that could revolutionise the treatment of conditions like heart disease and stroke – focusing on new interventions to prevent the formation of blood clots or the progression of cancer.

Another of Sydney’s flagship multidisciplinary initiatives, the Sydney Environment Institute, is working with Glasgow’s Centre for Sustainable Solutions and Glasgow Changing Futures on urban renewal projects focusing on sustainability and biodiversity preservation.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Sandison said: “We hugely value our partnership with the University of Sydney. Our goals, ambitions, and sense of civic responsibility have always been aligned. However, what I am most inspired by, is not just our shared perspective, but rather what we can accomplish as we work together through this new agreement.”

“I know that our partnership will continue to be a truly collaborative and long-term endeavour which will help us to meet our joint commitment to improve societies, and make an impact on a global scale.”

Professor Belov recognised for commitment to science and global partnerships

Professor Kathy Belov in academic robes after receiving her Honorary Doctorate

Professor Kathy Belov in Glasgow after receiving her Honorary Doctorate.

The University of Glasgow awarded Professor Kathy Belov an Honorary Doctorate in Science in recognition of her ongoing commitment to research excellence and her work to foster impactful research through international collaborations.

“We are thrilled to award the honorary degree of Doctor of Science to Professor Katherine Belov. A leader in the field of comparative genomics and an inspiration to Women in STEM everywhere, the impact she has had on the field is truly undeniable,” the University of Glasgow said in a statement.

“As Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global & Research Engagement) at the University of Sydney, she has pioneered the partnership between the University of Sydney and the University of Glasgow, supporting our respective colleagues to connect, collaborate and catalyse new and exciting research opportunities for the benefit of the communities that we serve locally, nationally and internationally.

“Professor Belov is a world-class researcher, an inclusive leader and a humanitarian. She is the epitome of a Glasgow World Changer and we are honoured to have her officially join our #TeamUofG community.”

Professor Belov said: “Since 2016 my work has largely focused on building and strengthening the University of Sydney’s international partnerships. During this time, the University of Glasgow has consistently been one of our staunchest partners.”

“I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together, and how many of my professional connections to Glasgow have since turned into wonderful friendships.”

In addition to her work as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global & Research Engagement), Professor Belov studies comparative genomics in Australian animals, including the Tasmanian devil and koala. Her research has helped uncover why the Tasmanian devils are so susceptible to the facial tumour disease devastating its populations, and she has analysed the genomes of platypuses to identify new candidates for antibacterial substances.

Professor Belov’s work has been recognised by the Australian Academy of Science, who elected her as a Fellow in 2022. She was also named as an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2019, and in 2018 was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales.

Previously, Professor Belov won a Eureka Prize for research on Tasmanian devils in 2011, and the People’s Choice Award at the 2009 Eureka Awards.

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