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09 June 2023

The government has an opportunity to address wage theft issues

A new labour agreement for temporary skilled workers in aged care is a promising step towards enforcing Australia's minimum wage laws because it provides for union induction of temporary migrant workers, writes Associate Professor Stephen Clibborn in the Sydney Morning Herald.
06 June 2023

Australia needs a dedicated body for wrongful convictions

Professor David Hamer and Dr Andrew Dyer from Sydney Law School explain why Kathleen Folbigg's pardon points to the need for a Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) in Australia.
06 June 2023

The final frontier: University of Sydney introduces space law

It may seem like a futuristic concept or one confined to Hollywood blockbusters - but space law is becoming more important than ever. With private entities launching space flights and exploration activities, and an increasing dependence on space-based systems, laws are needed to pave the foundation for how we govern human activity in outer space. The Sydney Law School introduces a new unit which explores the policies and developments of space global governance.
05 June 2023

Sydney invests in Australia's research future with innovative fellowship scheme

An unprecedented investment by the University will support up to 40 new continuing positions, empowering the world's most talented emerging researchers to undertake innovative research to address some of the biggest challenges of our time.
02 June 2023

What the Ben Roberts-Smith judgment says about defamation law

Professor David Rolph from the Sydney Law School unpacks two key questions from the high-profile defamation trial brought by the decorated Australian soldier.
30 May 2023

Nordic work view sunnier than Australia

Work conditions put Australia behind Nordic countries in Happiness Index. We must learn from them, writes Associate Professor Chris F Wright in the Sydney Morning Herald.
03 May 2023

How close are we to reading minds?

A US study has decoded language and meaning from brain scans. Christina Maher from the School of Biomedical Engineering unpacks how the process works.
06 April 2023

What role can Passover play in the cause for animal liberation?

Professor Danielle Celemajer, Deputy Director of the Sydney Environment Institute, explores how the Jewish Passover seder might help us approach the momentous challenge of animal liberation.
23 March 2023

Can Holocaust education prevent antisemitism?

The recent Nazi-tainted demonstration in Melbourne has highlighted the vulnerability of our ethical codes. Associate Professor Avril Alba examines whether historical reflection on the Holocaust can itself ensure ethical action in the present.
22 March 2023

Humanities and medicine excel in QS Subject Rankings

The University of Sydney has performed strongly in the 2023 QS World University Rankings by Subject, with seven disciplines ranked in the global top 20 and 30 in the top 50.
17 March 2023

Calls for total elimination of direct sales of vaping products

All sales of vaping products other than those prescribed by a doctor to aid in quitting smoking should be stopped to curb skyrocketing uptake of e-cigarettes in young people, according to a leading tobacco control expert.
24 February 2023

Working women more educated but not more respected

Young Australian women are still fighting for equal pay, respect and opportunities in the workforce, according to a new report from the University of Sydney and the Australian National University.
20 February 2023

Older men seen as opinion leaders, but women drive real change

A new study, which analysed the social networks of agricultural communities on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, identified women as the most influential opinion leaders when it came to encouraging others to trial a new farming tool.
16 February 2023

Your next colleague might be artificial intelligence

Most companies are likely to 'employ' a digital human within a decade, according to researchers from the University of Sydney Business School.
15 February 2023

Secondary crises now greatest threat to life after earthquakes

While much of the focus has centred on the immense loss of life in the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, secondary crises now pose the biggest threat to people in Turkiye and Syria, writes Dr Aaron Opdyke from the School of Civil Engineering.
10 February 2023

Is 13 too young to have a TikTok or Instagram account?

Dr Catherine Page Jeffery, lecturer in media and communications, investigates what age is too young for children to join prominent social media sites like Instagram and Tik Tok, and what kind of things parents should be thinking about in relation to kids and their social media accounts.
31 January 2023

Gay men discriminate against feminine gay men, new study finds

Psychology study finds both gay men and heterosexual men prefer masculine over feminine gay men for a high-status role, suggesting feminine gay men may face implicit discrimination in the workplace.
19 January 2023

Performing Nazism: Why would you wear the Holocaust like a costume?

Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, Dr Benjamin Nickl, in the School of Languages and Cultures, explores the use of Nazi uniforms in popular culture. He argues that Nazi costumes can wear out our moral responsibility.
13 January 2023

Iran executions and the role of 'revolutionary courts'

Professor Simon Rice from Sydney Law School explains the role of Iran's 'revolutionary courts' in the suppression of widespread protests following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody in September 2022.
06 December 2022

Three-year port dispute shows the IR system is full of holes

Australia's industrial relations umpire has delayed industrial action that would have crippled Australia's ports in the lead-up to Christmas. Professor Shae McCrystal explains why the protracted dispute demonstrates urgent need for IR reform.