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Quantum transport in molecule/carbon-based nanostructures for new molecular electronic devices

Various projects available in the field molecular electronics and sensors. Large scale ab initio calculations will be used to investigate and predict novel structures and systems. A more...

Supervisor(s): Stampfl, Catherine (Professor)

Simulating Transport for Realistic Engineering Education and Training

Understanding and predicting travel demand and travel patterns is one of the most important
but also most challenging tasks of transport
engineers, planners, and geographers. Tr more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor), Ramezani Ghalenoei, Mohsen (Dr)

Performance of granular matrix under heavy haul cyclic loading

The project aims to examine the performance of granular material under repeated (cyclic) loads relevant to road and rail applications. Based on discrete element simulations of spher more...

Supervisor(s): Alonso-Marroquin, Fernando (Dr)

Analytical Modelling for Landslide’s Prediction

Accurate modelling of landslides allows the prediction of the movements of accelerating landmasses. A successful and early prediction provides populated areas a warning of large mas more...

Supervisor(s): Alonso-Marroquin, Fernando (Dr)

Discrete Element Simulations of Human Crowds

In an increasingly populated world the importance of building architecture that is able to handle dense events is becoming increasingly significant. Crowd events cover a wide scope more...

Supervisor(s): Alonso-Marroquin, Fernando (Dr)

Agent-Based model of stock markets

It is a matter of fact that a majority of people are affected directly or indirectly by stock market activity. They are affected directly, by trading assets in stock markets, and in more...

Supervisor(s): Alonso-Marroquin, Fernando (Dr)

Carbon Zero by Off-grid Technologies

Off-grid houses are autonomous dwellings that do not rely on water supply, sewer, or electrical power grid, and are able to operate completely independently of all public utility se more...

Supervisor(s): Alonso-Marroquin, Fernando (Dr)

Computational Automotive Aeroacoustics

Current automotive aerodynamic design is driven by a myriad of requirements including minimum drag, minimum noise, favourable handling, thermal management and vehicle soiling. Our g more...

Supervisor(s): Thornber, Ben (Dr)