07 November 2023

Fieldwork can be challenging for female scientists: 5 ways to make it better

Our recent study revealed broad perceptions and experiences of gender inequality in coastal sciences. We offer five ways to improve the fieldwork experience for women.
03 November 2023

Sydney academics awarded prestigious ARC Grants

University of Sydney academics have been awarded more than $24 million in funding for 42 new research projects, spanning accessible playgrounds for children with vision impairments, attracting and retaining quality teachers in early education, and developing facilities to improve renewable technology.
02 November 2023

Farewell to an Icon: The Legacy of Molonglo Telescope

In a celebration of its legacy, the University of Sydney recently bid farewell to the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope.
01 November 2023

Nanowire 'brain' network learns and remembers 'on the fly'

Like a collection of 'Pick Up Sticks', the self-arranged network of nanowires mimics the synapse function of the brain. In this experiment, a network was trained to access dynamic online data that it learnt and memorised.
26 October 2023

Peace with Nature: Rejuvenating war-torn Colombia with sustainable development

An initiative set up by an interdisciplinary researcher in biodiversity conservation from the University of Sydney is helping former Colombian guerilla fighters transition into environmental custodians in the war-torn country.
25 October 2023

'Uncharted territory': climate scientists sound alarm over Earth's vital signs

This year has likely seen the hottest temperatures for 100,000 years. A global team of scientists, including Dr Thomas Newsome from Faculty of Science, has laid out the numbers.
24 October 2023

Meet the 2023 Alumni Award winners

Each year, the University of Sydney awards six Alumni Achievement Awards to alumni in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to their communities.
24 October 2023

Meet the 2023 Graduate Medallists

Each year, the University of Sydney awards six Graduate Medals to our newest alumni in recognition of their achievements in a number of categories. The awards celebrate the recipients visionary leadership, excellence, dedication and commitment to their field.
20 October 2023

Australian scientists detect most distant fast radio burst ever discovered

In a tiny fraction of a second the radio burst released the equivalent of our Sun's total emission over 30 years. A new generation of radio telescopes will allow us to unravel the mystery of fast radio bursts
19 October 2023

Reef-devouring predator survives coral bleaching and feasts on the survivors

Research conducted by marine biologists from the University of Sydney has found juvenile crown-of-thorns starfish can withstand tremendous heatwaves well above levels that kill coral. These starfish then develop into carnivorous predators that devour reefs just as they begin to regrow.