17 August 2023

First Nations internship at NASA for engineering student Lincoln Bourke

Lincoln Bourke, a joint engineering and physics student, will spend 10 weeks at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory exploring how equipment could interact with the surface of other planets.
14 August 2023

University of Sydney establishes Centre of Excellence in Gambling Research

The University of Sydney has established a multi-disciplinary centre dedicated to advancing research on gambling behaviour and minimising harm.
11 August 2023

Dr Karl: Super-accurate clocks can measure height

We’ve had clocks for thousands of years. But clever scientists have worked out how to use them to measure height!
11 August 2023

Gold in Paris, antibiotic resistance and the start of a science career

An accommodation scholarship to the University of Sydney gave Kawana Crowe, a proud Wiradjuri woman from Macksville, the security she needed to pursue her science dreams.
07 August 2023

New method an important step toward future 3D printing of human tissues

A team of bioengineers and biomedical scientists from the University of Sydney and the Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) at Westmead have used 3D photolithographic printing to create a complex environment for assembling tissue that mimics the architecture of an organ.
07 August 2023

5 minutes with BioScout Head of Science Michelle Demers

What started as a student exchange program lead to Michelle's incredible journey in academia, plant biotech and AgTech entrepreneurship. Now she has advice for all on embracing unexpected opportunities to create a life-changing career.
07 August 2023

5 minutes with 2022 ACARP Research Excellence Award winner, Michael Cole

Michael followed his passion for plant physiology and became an industry-recognised expert in ecosystem restoration. He now shares his own advice on following your interests to find career satisfaction.
02 August 2023

Bringing artificial intelligence to the search for habitable planets

Backed by the Breakthrough Initiatives, Professor Peter Tuthill will lead a team to launch a satellite telescope to look for planets around our nearest neighbour, Alpha Centauri.
31 July 2023

Eight Sydney researchers awarded ARC Future Fellowships for 2023

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded more than $8.5m from the Australian Research Council
31 July 2023

3 Minute Thesis winners

Taking to the stage to explain their research in an entertaining and accessible way in three minutes, 12 Faculty of Science PhD students battled it out for the title of Three Minute Thesis faculty champion on 27 July.