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Animal donation program

A precious resource for the next generation of vets
We are proud to offer a body donation option to those facing the challenging experience of losing a beloved animal.
Our Animal Donation Program ensures your pet has an enduring purpose after death. Previous donors have expressed satisfaction in supporting the next generation of veterinarians and the animals they will go onto look after.
Only you can decide if our program is the best option for you and your animal. We understand what a difficult decision it is, and we are grateful for your forethought.
Our animals are such an integral part of our lives – their unconditional love is invaluable and saying goodbye is never easy. You can honour their life by donating their body to support veterinary education.

The future of the veterinary profession

The University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science is strongly committed to providing students with a high-quality learning environment. This ensures a strong foundation for a fulfilling, diverse and successful veterinary career. The Animal Donation Program enables us to offer our students the best learning opportunities. 

The program

By donating your animal's body to this program you are helping us to provide a valuable resource for the next generation of vets.

The Sydney School of Veterinary Science will use the remains for student education and further research. Your animal, even in death, can make a vital contribution to the training of a skilled and compassionate veterinarian.

Our students and staff greatly appreciate the opportunities this program gives them. We treat all animals in our care with the utmost respect and dignity.

Which animals are suitable?

Every animal is potentially suitable for the program.

How do I participate?

If you wish to donate your animal's body, your vet will ask you to sign a consent form at the time of your visit. Your vet will also provide a brief medical history of your pet in this form. We need this medical history so we can offer the greatest educational benefit to our students. 

Please be assured that the students will not see your personal information.

What happens to the remains?

After euthanasia, University staff will collect the remains. When students have completed their learning objectives, the remains will be cremated. Unfortunately we are unable to provide any reports or medical information following the donation.

We thank you for your consideration.