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Collaborating beyond the University
We offer world-class training that will help staff transform their work on campus. Get in touch if you want to build more powerful connections and strategic collaboration across the University and beyond.

Universities build research relationships with people outside the university all the time, but do we truly collaborate? And how can collaboration help us to challenge the silos that we are in – both inside the university and beyond the institution?

LabClass is our flagship training program for university staff. It helps academic and professional staff to engage more powerfully with the community, improve collaboration within the University, and work on powerful co-designed research. Click here to register your interest in joining an upcoming LabClass.

Since the start of 2019, the lab has trained over 150 academics and professional staff from across every faculty at the University of Sydney. It is an interactive and experiential program that connects participants with colleagues all over campus. We welcome enquiries about expanding the program to other universities.

"Having a cross-section of thoughtful, intelligent people to share ideas with has been inspiring and I hope to see a change in the cultures I live and work in: a change which reflects our shared concerns for research integrity, community engagement and interpersonal respect.”
LabClass Participant

What we teach

We train in an approach called the relational method which is both a conceptual and practical journey. Read more about our method here.

Developed from the long tradition of community organising that originated in the United States and from more recent methodologies of co-design, co-production, collaborative ethnography and participatory action research, we deploy practical tools including relational meetings, power analysis, public narrative, the organising cycle, and concepts of action and evaluation that are easily applied but have far-reaching effects.

At the University of Sydney, there is an eight-week and a shorter intensive program to ensure all staff have access, whether based in Sydney or on a rural campus. Until further notice all training will be delivered online due to COVID-19. To participate in the LabClass programs you are required to have completed the two-hour Orientation to the Relational Method. This session is regularly offered and both a prerequisite for the training as well as a way to test your interest in the longer course. Register your interest here.