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Our academics push the boundaries of knowledge to become leading architects, designers and urban planners.

Professor Robyn Dowling

Professor Robyn Dowling

Head of School and Dean

Visit Professor Robyn Dowling's academic profile.

School members

  • Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Mr Michael Muir 
  • Bachelor of Design Computing and Bachelor of Design Computing/Bachelor of Advanced Studies, Mr Liam Bray
  • Bachelor of Design Computing/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours), Mr Liam Bray
  • Design Major (Table S), Acting Associate Professor Lian Loke
  • Biological Design Major (Table S), Dr Phillip Gough
  • Bachelor of Architecture and Environments, Dr Matthew Mindrup / Dr Dallas Rogers
  • Master of Architecture, Dr Paolo Stracchi
  • Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Honours)/Master of Architecture, Dr Ross James Anderson
  • Graduate Diploma and Master of Design, Dr Erez Nusem
  • Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts, Dr Luke Hespanhol
  • Master of Heritage Conservation, Associate Professor Cameron Logan
  • Master of Urban Design, Associate Professor Nancy Marshall
  • Master of Urbanism, Associate Professor Nancy Marshall
  • Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Associate Professor Nancy Marshall
  • Urban Stuides Major (Table S), Associate Professor Tooran Alizadeh
  • Master of Architectural Science, Dr Daniel Ryan

Master of Architectural Science stream directors:

Emeritus Professors

Honorary titles


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