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Bachelor of Music (Composition)

Core requirements

To qualify for the award of the pass degree in the Composition stream, a candidate must successully complete 192 credit points comprising:
(i) 54 credit points of core units including:
(a) 27 credit points of Music Skills units;
(b) 24 credit points of Analysis, History and Culture Studies units;
(c) 3 credit points of Performance or Ensemble units;
(ii) 84 credit points of Composition Studies units including:
(a) 48 credit points of Principal Study units;
(b) 36 credit points of Composition discipline units;
(iii) 12 credit points of Final Year Projects units; and
(iv) A minor (36 credit points) from Table S; or
(v) 36 credit points of elective units from Table A or Table S; and
(vi) where appropriate, a maximum of 12 credit points of units in the Open Learning Environment as specified in Table O.
For further information and the detailed requirements, see the course resolutions.

Minimum levels of achievement

Area of study Credit points Minimum levels of achievement to qualify for the award of pass degree
Principal Study 48 48 cps Composition 1-8
Composition Studies 36

6 cps CMPN1611 Instrumentation and Orchestration;

6 cps CMPN1612 New Music, New Thinking;

6 cps CMPN2613 Comp Techniques: Number and Process;

6 cps CMPN2614 Comp Techniques: Tonality and Process;

6 cps Electroacoustic Music or Computer Music Fundamentals;

6 cps in Composition Studies or Music Technology units

Performance and Ensemble 3 3 cps in a Performance or Ensemble units
Music Skills 27 24 cps Harmony and Analysis 1-4; Aural Perception 1-4;
3 cps in Creative Music Technology or Sound Recording Fundamentals
Analysis, History and Culture Studies
24 0 cps MCGY0000 Australian Indigenous Music; 6 cps MCGY1030 This is Music;
12 cps in AHCS Foundation units;
6 cps in AHCS Elective units
4th Year Project 12 12 cps in Music Specialist Creative Project units (or Industry Community Project units)
Electives 42
(36 cps of a chosen minor in music or Table S and 6 cps of free choice) or (42 cps of free choice)

Standard enrolment pattern

Semester 1 CP Semester 2 CP Semester 3 CP Semester 4 CP
Composition 1
6 CMPN1602
Composition 2
6 CMPN2603
Composition 3
6 CMPN2604
Composition 4
Music Theory and Aural Skills 6 Music Theory and Aural Skills 6 Music Theory and Aural Skills 6 Music Theory and Aural Skills 6
Instrumentation and Orchestration
6 CMPN1612
New Music, New Thinking
6 CMPN2614
Comp Techniques: Tonality and Process
6 CMPN2613
Comp Techniques: Number and Process
This is Music
6 CMPN1013
Creative Music Technology
Sound Recording Fundamentals
3 *CMPN2631
Electroacoustic Music or AHCS Foundation unit
6 *CMPN2632
Computer Music Fundamentals OR AHCS Foundation unit
Australian Indigenous Music
0 Performance/ Ensemble 3        
24 24 24 24
Semester 5 CP Semester 6 CP Semester 7 CP Semester 8 CP
Composition 5
6 CMPN3606
Composition 6
6 CMPN4607
Composition 7
6 CMPN4608
Composition 8
AHCS Foundation unit 6 AHCS Elective unit 6 SCMP4601
Music Specialist Creative Project 1 or ICPU
6 SCMP4602
Music Specialist Creative Project 2 or ICPU
Free choice 6 Free choice 12 Free choice 12 Free choice 12
Composition studies or Music Technology unit 6            
24 24 24 24

*CMPN2631 or CMPN2632 must be completed.