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SCMP4601: Music Specialist Creative Project 1

The Music Specialist Projects form a capstone pre-professional unit for all undergraduate music students who are not doing Honours or in the Music Education programs. You will be working in small groups across musical disciplines in a project that provides a holistic experience of professional and creative musicianship. This project may include performing, recording, distribution, ensemble management, leadership, composing, creating, audience development, pedagogy and other competencies of a professional musician.

Code SCMP4601
Academic unit Performance Studies
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Depth of disciplinary expertise: Draw upon your disciplinary expertise to contribute to a collaborative outcome. Demonstrate a high level of pre-professional musicianship, including self-directed artistic and research outcomes. Deliver a professional level outcome relevant to their project which may be an element of future professional practice.
  • LO2. Critical thinking and problem solving: Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving in project conception, design and development. Demonstrate a high level of ability in designing, monitoring, delivering and evaluating a creative project.
  • LO3. Oral and written communication: Articulate a project vision to an audience in both oral and written form. Communicate effectively within a group to identify roles and responsibilities
  • LO4. Information and digital literacy: Demonstrate information and digital literacy in identifying appropriate resources, tools and platforms to develop and disseminate a project.
  • LO5. Inventiveness: Generate an original creative outcome within appropriate boundaries.
  • LO6. Cultural Competence: Demonstrate engagement in culturally aware practice in project design and management of group dynamics.
  • LO7. Interdisciplinary effectiveness: Demonstrate a high level of collaboration and effective teamwork with colleagues from across disciplines. Collaborate across musical disciplines and specialisations to create a complete whole where each discipline has made an equal contribution.
  • LO8. An integrated professional, ethical and personal identity: Deliver a project that reflects individual and group creative expression that is professionally and ethically responsive to challenges as they emerge.
  • LO9. Influence: Engage others in a process, idea or vision to deliver an external-facing outcome to the community.