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Faculty of Medicine and Health Affiliates

Play your part in shaping the future of health in Australia and globally
Healthcare, both in Australia and overseas, is undergoing significant change. The Faculty of Medicine and Health is committed to leading this change by educating and shaping future healthcare professionals and reimagining the way healthcare is delivered.

Our people are passionate and want to make a real difference in shaping the future of health in Australia and globally. As an organisation we have a clear plan of what we want to achieve over the next five years.

As an affiliate, you will be very much a part of that.

We want to be the university of choice for students who want to learn in an environment where people are committed to challenging conventional wisdom and leading new possibilities for disease prevention and care.

We want to have strong partnerships with our affiliates, industry, governments and other research institutions around the world so that we can reimagine the way healthcare and preventative strategies are delivered.

We want to be recognised as the university that is making and shaping the future of healthcare and creating real outcomes for the communities we serve.

As an affiliate, you will be a part of the University of Sydney academic community through the valued affiliation title for an agreed period of time. You will be attached to a School, Clinical School, Centre or Research Institute within FMH and partner closely with those schools to deliver on our student education and research priorities.

We consider that supporting and engaging with our affiliates is a very important part of developing that relationship.  It is important as an affiliate that you familiarise yourself with our policy and procedures to ensure you comply with the requirements and understand the nature of the affiliation. We also recognise that you have responsibilities to your hospitals and health providers, and we want to ensure that your relationship with the University of Sydney enhances these relationships. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the School, Centre or Institute you wish to be affiliated with.

We look forward to having you as a part of our team as we contribute together to nurture and guide the health workers of the future.

Useful contacts

Sydney Dental School
T| +61 1800 793 864 (in Australia) /
    +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)
T| +61 2 8890 7178
     (Westmead Centre for Oral Health)

Sydney Nursing School
T| +61 2 9351 0519

Sydney Medical School
Contact relevant Clinical School listed below

School of Medical Sciences
T| +61 2 9351 2841

Sydney School of Health Sciences
T| +61 2 9351 9786 / +61 0409487394

Sydney School of Public Health
T| +61 2 9036 9262

Sydney Pharmacy School
E| /
T| +61 2 9351 2831 / +61 2 9351 2320

Central Clinical School
T| +61 2 9036 3136


Children’s Hospital Westmead
E| /
T| +61 2 9845 1326 


Concord Clinical School
T| +61 2 9767 6842 


Nepean Clinical School
T| +61 2 4734 1418


Northern Clinical School
T| +61 2 9926 4651


Westmead Clinical School
T| +612 8627 3489


Rural Clinical School, Broken Hill
T| +61 8 8080 1240


Rural Clinical School, Northern Rivers
T| +61 2 6620 7570


Rural Clinical School, Dubbo/ Orange
T| +61 2 5809 9400


Medical Research Institutes 
T| +61 2 9036 5198

Centres and Institutes
T| +61 2 9036 5198