Faculty of Medicine and Health affiliates

Play your part in shaping the future of health in Australia and globally
Become an affiliate today. Our people are passionate and want to make a real difference in shaping the future of health in Australia and around the world.

As an organisation we have a clear plan of what we want to achieve over the next five years, and our affiliates are an essential part of that plan. 

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual, who is not a paid staff member (including casuals) of the University, but who is:

  • appointed or engaged by the University to perform duties or functions, and/or;
  • recognised for their contribution to the University (as per affiliate policy).

Watch the video and read below for more information.

More Information

We want to be the university of choice for students who want to learn in an environment where people are committed to challenging conventional wisdom and leading new possibilities for disease prevention and care.

We want to have strong partnerships with our affiliates, industry, governments and other research institutions around the world so that we can reimagine the way healthcare and preventative strategies are delivered.

We want to be recognised as the university that is making and shaping the future of healthcare and creating real outcomes for the communities we serve.

As an affiliate, you will help us realise these goals.

You will be a part of the University of Sydney academic community through the valued affiliation title for an agreed period of time. Affiliates are attached to a School, Clinical School, Centre or Research Institute within FMH and partner closely with those schools to deliver on our student education and research priorities.

We consider that supporting and engaging with our affiliates is a very important part of developing that relationship.  It is important as an affiliate that you familiarise yourself with our policy and procedures to ensure you comply with the requirements and understand the nature of the affiliation. We also recognise that you have responsibilities to your hospitals and health providers, and we want to ensure that your relationship with the University of Sydney enhances these relationships.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school, centre or medical research institute you wish to be affiliated with.

We look forward to having you as a part of our team as we contribute together to nurture and guide the health workers and researchers of the future.

Contact your nominator

Prior to commencing your expression of interest you are required to contact the relevant nominator for your area to discuss your proposed application.  

For general enquiries regarding the application process please contact

General Contact

Bachelor of Oral Health

Associate Professor Melanie Aley: 

Oral Health, Dental Public Health, Lifespan Oral Health

Professor Woosung Sohn:

Oral Radiation, Endodontics, Tooth Conservation, Integrated Clinic

Professor Vesna Miletic:

Oral Surgery

Dr Stephen Cox:


Professor Ali Darendeliler:

Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Oral Medicine

Professor Axel Spahr:

General Contact

Clinical Imaging

Professor Martin Ugander:

Communication Sciences

Professor Leanne Togher:

Movement Sciences

Associate Professor Rhonda Orr:

Participation Sciences

Associate Professor Roxanna Pebdani:

Partnerships and Placements

Associate Professor Gillian Nisbet:


Associate Professor Elizabeth Dylke:

Exercise and Sport Science

Associate Professor Kate Edwards:

Occupational Therapy

Professor Carole James: 

Behavioural and Social Sciences in Health

Dr Rachel Thompson:

Medical Imaging Science

Associate Professor Peter Kench:

Speech Pathology

Associate Professor Kimberley Docking:

University Department of Rural Health (Northern Rivers)

Professor Vicki Flood:

General Contact

Anzac Research Institute

Professor Vic Cogger:

Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health

Professor Adam Dunn:


Professor Kevin Keay:


Professor Lenka Munoz:

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Professor Barry Slobedman:

Chronic Diseases

Professor Steven Wise:

Education Innovation

Mr Martin Brown:

Molecular Biomedicine

Professor Rachel Codd:

Central Clinical School

Professor Stephen Twigg:

Children's Hospital at Westmead

Professor Russell Dale:

Concord Clinical School

Professor Mark Cooper:

Nepean Clinical School

Associate Professor Emily Hibbert:

Northern Clinical School

Professor Margaret Schnitzler:

Rural Clinical School (Northern Rivers)

Professor Vicki Flood:

Rural Clinical School (Dubbo/Orange)

Professor Catherine Hawke:

Westmead Clinical School

Professor Henry Pleass:

Westmead Applied Research Centre

Professor Clara Chow:

GP Clinical School

Associate Professor Fiona Robinson:

SMS Admin and Education

Professor Richard Lindley:

General Contact

Nursing and Midwifery

Associate Professor Tom Buckley:

Education Focus

Associate Professor Andrea McCloughen:

International Programs

Professor Jacqueline Bloomfield:

Nutrition and Dietetics

Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli:

University Department of Rural Health (Broken Hill)

Professor Debra Jones:

General Contact

Pharmacy Education

Professor Bandana Saini:

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professor Paul Groundwater:

Academic Career Development

Professor Parisa Aslani:

Pharmacy Practice

Professor Timothy Chen:


Associate Professor Fanfan Zhou:

Public Health

Associate Professor Claire Hooker:

Global Health

Associate Professor Sarah Bernays:


Professor Ainsley Newson:

Clinical Epidemiology

Professor Fiona Blyth:

Indigenous Health

Mrs Candace Angelo:

Musculoskeletal Health

Professor Christopher Maher:

Prevention Research Collaboration

Professor Philayrath Phongsavan:

Health and Clinical Analytics

Professor Tom Snelling:

Menzies Centre for Health Policy and Economics

Professor Kirsten Howard:

Centenary Institute Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology

Professor Mark Gorrell:

Children's Medical Research Institute

Professor Patrick Tam:

Westmead Institute for Medical Research

Professor Philip O'Connell:

Woolcock in Vietnam

Ms Janine Richards:

General Contact

Centre for Disability Research and Policy

Professor Jennifer Smith-Merry:

Daffodil Centre

Professor Karen Canfell:

FMH Translational Research Collectives

Kathy Lynch:

InsideOut Institute

Professor Sarah Maguire:

Kolling Institute of Medical Research

Professor Jim Elliott:

University of Sydney Institute for Infectious Diseases

Professor Ben Marais:

Matilda Centre

Professor Maree Teesson:

NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

Professor Meg Jardine:

Poche Centre for Indigenous Health

Associate Professor Michelle Disckson:

Save Sight Institute

Professor Peter McCluskey: 

Sydney Musculoskeletal Health (Sydney MSK)

Professor Mandy Nikpour: